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The picture of the 2CV in use giving tours of Paris got me thinking.


Last summer in Portugal, I spotted the beauty below, a BMW Isetta, in a maintenance area for the transit system in Vila Nova da Gaia, across the river from Porto. Unfortunately, I'd gone through the turnstile when I noticed it, and couldn't get back for better pictures.


When I was a just-barely-teen in the midwest, I used to pass by the dealer once a week and dream of owning one: Not because it was a BMW (who cared?) but because the front of the car was the door, there were only 3 wheels, and it was cheap enough I could dream about owning one by the end of high-school. Never happened...and at a soberer age I wonder what a front-end collision would have been like.


BUT: Does anyone know if you can get a ride in one somewhere? If there are 2CVs in Paris, and Trabants in Berlin...where would I find a ride in an Isetta?



The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations


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That was Steve Urkels Car on Family Matters!. LOL. There are places like one in Dallas where you can rent these classics.A bit steep but an alternative to buying.


I went the opposite route and liked  one of the biggest cars ever made.I wanted a 1973 Chrysler Imperial for years before I got one.That was so big it was banned in demolition derbys because it was unfair to the other cars.




It would be fun to watch a demo derby with only the Imperial and Isettas.  What do you think would happen ?  One Chrysler takes out - boom boom bam bam - 4 Isettas and makes for the infield ?!  Look at the bomber roll !  She's gunning for another isetta, a red one this time.....Ooooh !   That makes it 5-0 !  

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