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The Philippines has 7,107 islands, the country is rich in biodiversity and has a multicultural community. The number itself says how hard it is to pick the location and to build a home.

Most of us consider living in the city maximizing opportunities both career and leisure. On the boost developments around the metro, people choose to settle to a place where they can live the best lives. With that, here are the top cities you can consider to live:

Paranaque offers urban living with less traffic and pollution. It has a variety of options such as villages, condominiums, and business buildings you need. It is situated in the south and has access to main roads, in and out of Manila through expressways. Why Paranaque? It conveys to comfortably live in a city wherein its not too crowded and a place to enjoy. A calm venue to start a family and perhaps a business without much competition and a huge market available. Aside from these things, Paranaque is the most important point of navigation as where the international airport is lodged.

Manila has a thousand reasons why you should choose Manila. It is well-known as the Capital of the Philippines. It has the very heart of all aspects of living that you are looking for. Food, shopping malls, event centers, hotels, colleges and universities, top companies and business establishments are all situated in Manila. The convenience of choosing a place to live where there are good employment opportunities, entertainment deals to enjoy with, and education for your kids. For sure, every business that you’ll invest will most likely become profitable because of the presence of the market. So it is indeed a yes-yes thing.

Quezon City has the most number of barangays in the metro, with 142 to choose a place to live in shows how and which shows how good the demographics are. QC is one of the highly urbanized cities which says how sound the income of the city is through good governance. It is accessible through EDSA, MRT, LRT, and with Araneta bus terminals heading to south or north region. A fully diversified city of buildings, condominiums, establishments, and houses. A bonus pack, that it has one of the biggest event centers, the Araneta Center where sports, concerts, and other national occasions are being held from time to time. Truly, it is a yes deal to live in Quezon City.

Makati, the central business district in the metro. If you are notching to put up a business, Makati is one of the best places to live for you. The prime venue to land your dream job wherein the ideal place for white-collar employees and professionals. Who would not want to live in Makati? To where international and known companies are established, to where the business spotlight reigns, to where you can be ahead of the curve and pack. Definitely, Makati is the best place to live for business entrepreneurs, aspirants, and a home for horizontal, vertical houses and buildings. Live your best life in Makati.

Taguig is the top, fast-rising city in the metro. International investors continue to see the area as big as their tall buildings are, developers undeniably putting more options to people on every corner of the place. Left and right constructions are still up. To live in Taguig will let you experience that kind of millennial lifestyle from home to your workplace, with perks of some leisure and fun around. It offers skyscraper venues to choose from, seeing the city on your very own eyes every single day and night. Do you want it? Well, pick Taguig as your home - as your home sweet home.

These locations are exclusively picked for all types of individuals, families, and young professionals to where they can invest and live for a lifetime. To where the future is bright and to where success awaits you. As the days pass, the market value of land goes higher as it is the best kind of investment that holds and adds value for a good venture. Whichever you pick - Paranaque, Manila, Quezon City, Makati, and Taguig are all a good choice.

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