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When you land on the North-African territory for your exotic Morocco holidays, you always have a golden opportunity to experience the unique Moroccan ambience, the enthralling culture, the amazing hospitality and the breath-taking views of the country’s cities

If you really want a soothing and stunning Moroccan experience at the same time it is highly advisable for you to pick up the medieval Moroccan cities that exhibit the true Moroccan color. Learn about the life of loals and the traditional goodies that they diligently prepare. This will be a drop dead amazing thing to do for a shopaholic wanderer.

In this country the scintillating souks and the bustling marketplaces are scattered everywhere, that allow the dedicated men and women to bring their handmade artifacts and fabrics.  You can buy anything from a plethora of Moroccan made goodies as a keepsake of your memorable country visit.

We would like to scramble some fascinating Moroccan- made- only products that you can buy for your home sweet home.

 Best Morocco Souvenirs to Buy as your Tour Keepsake

Here is an appreciable list of some fascinating items that you can only get on your Moroccan visit. These items would show you what Morocco is famous for producing and what you can buy.  But don’t forget to practice your learnt haggling skills too.

Moroccan Rugs and Carpets

When you find yourself in Tangier’s fabric markets, you would be able to buy those pattern rugs and carpets exactly from where they are made. You would find them stacked up in a neat pile. These carpets and rugs are actually hand-made with the best quality fabric.

You need to use wittiest haggling skills to get them in at a cheaper price. Its advisable to buy small sized rugs to easily get them at home.

Djellabas- A Moroccan Garb

Obviously you can’t leave Morocco without bringing gifts for your loved ones at home. And Djellaba is one of the best gift options. Djebella, is the traditional dress of the Moroccan locals-men and women. It is worn with different patterns and colors. The women there mostly buy unstitched fabric to get to their tailors. While men there mostly buy ready-made djellabas.

Babouche, Marrakesh Slippers

These are the Marrakesh special slippers often embellished with sequins and made from carpet fabric. These round-toed or top pointed slippers are much loved by the Morocco lovers. The immaculate arrangement would make you get one pair at any cost.

Moroccan/Marrakesh Soaps

This is what the crazy Morocco lovers take in their bags as a scented Moroccan souvenir. It is the Morocco’s cultural heart Marrakesh, which is famous for its purest perfumed soaps.  These soaps are home made with herbs like lavender, rosemary and argon oil.

The locals even add orange blossom water and jasmine flavor to accentuate its moisturizing quality.

Argon Oil

It is the specialty of Essaouira, Morocco. It is the only Moroccan place in the world that proudly possesses Argon trees. So these Argon trees are used to produce Argon oil on high popular demand.  For Moroccans, it is beyond miracle hair oil. The locals also use it to heal their scars and moisturize their skin.

Moroccan Tea Sets

Every Moroccan market, flaunts its artisanal ceramics to stun their visitors’ eyes.  They are not only useful but also beautiful and ornate. Bring any Moroccan tea set to sip your tea or coffee while binge watching any series on your room couch. These Tea sets are mostly made up of silver with engraved colorful patterns on them.

It would be a lovely Moroccan souvenir for sure.

Ras El Hanout-Moroccan Spices

In every local Moroccan market stalls and souks, you would find squatted sellers with small bowls of colorful powders. These powders are the traditional Moroccan spices which are used to flavor up the country’s cuisine.

You can bring them home to give your food an aromatic Moroccan flavor.

Tell us Which one is going to be a part of your home?

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