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Mobile apps find their contributing use in several domains like payment, entertainment, health, virtual assistants etc. They also find good use as scanners over the desktop counterparts which dont offer mobility

Mobile Scanner Apps

Mobile scanner apps find their use in scanning any documents and also can assimilate text from the scans. The standard of these apps are close to its desktop counterparts. Several apps related to this are present in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Featured are some of the best scanning apps mentioned below:

1. CamScanner

This best rated scanning app functions on iOS, Android and Windows devices, where it scans a multitude of documents and provides post scanning interactive and useful facilites related to enriching the quality of the documents and elucidating them. This app is featured for both iOS and Android devices

It is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud platforms where the paid version incorporates rich scans and the absence of ads. The documents are saved in PDF or JPEG format and they can be distributed by email and social media. Security is also incorporated in this app.

2. Tiny Scanner

This app which is well suited for tablets and phones, permits scanning of various documents with several scanning modes related to color, black and white, grayscale, and photo. It is also compatible with various page formats encompassing A4, A3, Letters etc. It is available as both a free version and paid version for the iOS and Android devices. The scanned documents are arranged and structured with files which can be secured. The document can be transmitted to a computer directly using internet connection and be faxed via the Tiny Fax app from the smartphones.

3. Genius Scan

This app features attributes related to top-notch quality scanning and it is compatible with different page layouts and enables the users to do multiple scanning. Backup feature is also incorporated with automatic hallmarks to enrich the scanned document. It is adaptable on the Windows, Android and iOS devices and comes a free and paid version where the latter is ad free and provides exporting attributes to the various cloud services.

4. Office Lens

It is the official product from Microsoft with regards to mobile app scanning, where the scanned products are modified into PDF, PowerPoint and Word files. Also featured are the choices to distribute and share the scanned documents. It auto corrects the document and provides finishing touches for the document to enhance its quality after every scan. It is available for the iOS, Android and Windows devices.

5. Mobile Doc Scanner

This app features Batch Mode and is available in Lite and full version. High standard scans are initiated by the launch of camera2 API. It is compatible with Tabloid, A4, Letter and many more page layouts. It incorporates Optical Character Recognition technology and is present only for Android products.

6.  Handy Scanner

Handy Scanner available for both iOS and Android devices, incorporates various attributes and sophisticated filters to modify the standard of the scanned documents. Further, it sustains Batch Scan and an effective backup attribute for its users where the users can integrate the scanned documents with Google Drive, Dropbox or other such cloud services.

The app's free version offers only limited functionality, however, the paid version encompasses several captivating features with respect to scanning.

7. ScanBot

ScanBot is one among the scanner apps which exhibit a scanning standard rivaling that of desktop scanners. Almost anything can be scanned by this app and they are uploaded to storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc to make the aspect of sharing simple.

The app is available as a free version and paid version, the latter which features themes and allows text extraction. It works with both the iOS and Android devices.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive makes the work of document scanning simpler and permits multiple documents scanning. Its users can save the documents in an integrated global database where the documents are seen and manipulated from anywhere without any hindrances.

Hence mobile apps for scanning offer good services which resemble those of its desktop counterparts.

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