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The most popular summer vacation destination is definitely the seaside. However, not all people like lying in the sun and just getting tanned. For those who love adrenaline-rush sports and adventures, rafting presents a perfect vacation. Apart from the mesmerizing cities and their architecture, natural beauty of Europe can offer some of the best rafting adventures you can find in the world.

Coruh River, Turkey

Coruh River flows through stunning canyons and narrow valleys filled with orchards, which are some of the most beautiful sceneries in Turkey. Also, it runs past ancient ruined castles which you can observe during the trip. The best rafting adventure on Coruh will definitely occur during May and June, since the melting snow of the Pontic Mountains speeds up the river and gives it the Class V rapids. Coruh is a perfect fit for 8 paddle rafts with a guide or for experienced kayakers. If you choose this destination, you will not make a mistake, since it offers various sections each day and beautiful scenery anywhere you look.

Noce River, Italy

Il Val di Sole, the Valley of the Sun is a perfect combination of calming nature and thrilling Class IV-V rapids that are roaring during the whole summer. Noce River takes the 9th place in the World’s Top Whitewater Rafting Rivers and many championships have been held there. One section of the river is a bit quieter and you can even bring your children there and enjoy the adventure as a family. For more experienced rafters there are stronger sections of the river where you can have the best vacation with your friends. Each descent no matter the speed is absolutely safe, due to the experienced and highly professional guides. Before each rafting trip, rafters are provided with necessary safety information and commands. Basically, you don’t have to worry, just to have lots of fun.

Tara River, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Old Herzegovina and the area of Foca are known as the “land of canyons”. Two most popular ones are Tara and Piva where you can join some of the best rafting adventures, but there are other canyons, too, such as Sutjeska, Bistrica, Hrcavka, Otesa as well as numerous smaller ones, perfect for exploring. On the Tara River you can find many professional Tara Sport rafting centers which not only offer full equipment and promise infinite fun with your friends and family, but they also provide great accommodation at their well-equipped bungalows. Besides comfy place to sleep, here you can taste Balkan’s traditional dishes and complete your rafting adventures with not only a great adrenalin rush but also a full a stomach.

Vltava River, Czech Republic

Even though Vltava has mild rapids, you cannot miss out on the fun and scenery in Czech Republic. If you rent a canoe or an inflatable raft you will get the chance to observe and admire plenty of old-fashioned farms and villages that are lined along the Czech countryside. This trip offers paddling down the Vltava 60 miles or so, and it is perfect for a thrilling vacation with family. Calm parts of the river are perfect for enjoying paddling with your children while admiring nature and you can easily hop on a bus and pay a visit to one of the most beautiful European cities – Prague.

Even though Europe is filled with historic cities with plenty of mesmerizing architecture and monuments, its nature hides true adventure. Plan something different and more fun for a summer vacation and visit some of these four best rafting destinations. No matter your age, you will be safe and will have plenty of fun. Plus, you will get the chance to enjoy local cuisines and meet numerous thrill-seeking people, just like you.

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