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Everyone is leading a stressful life, their work life demands a lot from them. A peaceful and happy life has become days of past. Most of us are living mechanical and sedentary lives. Once in a while, we feel like taking a break and go on a vacation.

A long trip within India or foreign countries will help us to let loose and become stress free. Traveling and exploring is always an adventurous task. Going on trips with our family or friends is completely a different kind of experience.

It is the holiday season; it is the right time to go on a vacation. So, Why to wait? Just Start the trip and explore the beauty of the nature and the existence. To make the travel easier and comfortable many apps have been designed. Some of the best travel apps and services are listed below.


This app is compatible for both the android and iOS users. In its traditional days, only the search feature was available. But now, one can pre-pay for hotel reservations, rental cars, flights, restaurants etc. For the incorporate booking services, travel search website became the user friendly for the folks. Other aggregation services are also included like Orbitz and Priceline, to make sure that travelers find the best deal.


Evernote is an app that allows the travelers to take notes and save ideas. It can be synchronized across all devices and computers. Notes can be searched and organized by tags and hence it is known to be a perfect note taking system. This app has the capability of voice recording and also it can be stored. The web pages can be clipped and saved for later reading. While travelling, the person can come across many interesting things, which can be noted with the help of this app.

An individual can access everything offline, without an internet connection. The storage is unlimited and free users are allowed sixty MB of data upload each month. For the additional data upload, then the purchase of subscription should be done.


This app allows an individual to make low-cost calls over the internet instead of using mobile phones.  It is compatible for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. A folk can pair the Skype with free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby and can phone landlines or other mobile phones for just pennies and other Skype customers for free.


This is one of the travel planning apps which connects the email accounts to accumulate all the travel information automatically. In other words, we can say it takes all the reservation details and turns them into a guidebook.

 It searches confirmation numbers for flights, hotels, rental taxi reservations, and even restaurant bookings. One can add or edit the travel plans and also they can share it. Triplt is known to be a wonderful organizer app. This app is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users.


Google Search:

This app is compatible for both iPhone and Android users. One can examine things using voice and also search for interesting specific terms. The built-in Google Goggles technology is the most remarkable feature. This feature lets one to take photos of things like landmarks, buildings and books to get more data about them. It also translates foreign text on signs and billboards.


SpeedSpot app allows an individual to search for and test the Wi-Fi capabilities of local hotels, cafes and restaurants and also other public venues. An added advantage, one has the access to the largest database of fast Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. This app is compatible for both iPhone and Android users.


Dropbox provides an efficient way to access documents, files and folders within reach whatever may be the person’s location. It lets one to use cloud storage for accessing of files on computer or phone. When a particular file is saved in Dropbox, it automatically syncs and becomes available across devices like laptop, phone or iPad.

One can access files in both online and offline. Instead of sending files through emails, this app is used to share folders with third parties. It is a mobile friendly inbox that allows travelers to organize incoming messages quickly and easily. The Consumers are provided two GB of free space.


Weather Channel:

This app is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users. But the Android users have a plus point; they can set up an automatically updating weather widget on phone’s home screen. Using the phone’s GPS chip, it will update the weather details. This app is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users. Personal Finance: is one of the most people’s favorite apps which calculate the person’s income and debt. Even when a person is not travelling, this app helps the user to frame a budget and track the spending details. This app is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users.

XE Currency:

XE currency app is a popular app and has lots of business-oriented features. For the travelers it is the most useful app for the clear fact that it is able to convert every world currency. It also functions offline even away from Wi-Fi or a mobile connection by saving the last updated rates with limited connectivity. This app is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users.


This is one of the travel booking apps which compares the prices of different airlines in the network (legacy carriers, charter flights, budget airlines). Hence the customers can book flights directly from the app integrated with travel agents or airlines. The filtration is done on the basis of cabin class, price or takeoff and landing times. The most important feature is the monthly chart which monitors the prices over time. This app is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users.


This is also one of the travel booking apps like SkyScanner that dramatically serves as a smaller version of the website. It allows the users to search for and find exclusive accommodations across the globe, from mom-and pop B&Bs (Bed and Breakfast) for a night, to a small apartment for a week, or even a castle for a month. This unique app covers a range of prices in more than thirty four thousand cities across almost two hundred countries. Airbnb receives percentage service fees from both consumer and hosts for every booking made in this platform. It is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users.


This is one of the transportation apps that the customer can request a car and inform the driver about the source and destination place if he/ she know the details or by dropping a pin on a map. The data provided by the Uber app makes both the driver and the passenger to catch each other.

The drivers do not have that much of navigation knowledge. Most of the Uber drivers have not undergone training in navigation and depends on GPS systems. Instead of using Google maps, the Uber itself provides the inbuilt map.

 This ride sharing app is an efficient and cheaper one and it is categorized as a point to point service. Uber offers service more than fifty countries. This app is compatible for both Android and iPhone users.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the CEO and co- founder of Snoota, a company that develops mobile apps for Andriod and iOS users. He has a passion for creating new apps with cloning scripts which exactly satisfy the needs of both business owners and customers. Snoota offers software products that are built with Airbnb, Uber and other cloning scripts.

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