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The number of national parks and the game-rich experience one gets while visiting safari destinations in Africa makes this trip a slightly costlier than other adventure trips. But, keeping a few simple tips in mind may help you enjoy your African safari tour better and won’t leave you economically burdened at the end of it. Here you go with quick-fix ideas for a cost-effective safari rip.

          Set a budget

This should be the starting point for planning a safari trip. A pre-defined budget gives clarity to both you and the travel agent you have or will choose. It helps the latter to find out best deals that suit your budget. For example, there are different kinds of safari camps and each type has different types of facilities and prices. A target budget helps you to not go overboard while planning a safari trip and is like a guideline for the safari tour operator.

African safari Tour

           Plan in advance

If you will book air-tickets, lodge, and safari at the eleventh hour, then it is bound to burn a hole in your pocket. Be an early bird and plan in advance. Even the most value-for-money lodges and safari tours will cost you more if you will make bookings at the last minute, especially during the peak season when the demand is already high.

         Avoid peak season

It is advisable to make flexible travel plans. Don’t get carried away by those ‘best months to visit’ marketing gimmicks as that has more to do with giving an impetus to demand. Travelling during what is perceived as the ‘off-season’ may help you save a lot of money and you can also enjoy the beauty of varying season. Also, you need to decide what do you want to see as which season should you travel is best decided when you know what you are looking for. Also, keep in mind that most places are as attractive in low-season as these are in peak-season. For example, floodwaters start flowing in the Okavango Delta during late May and early June and at their peak between July and October. Hence, the sky-high prices during these seasons. But, what should be noted that even if you visit a slightly earlier, you will find that the view does not differ much in the low and high seasons.

          Travel in groups

As they say, more the merrier. Travelling in groups and staying on sharing basis is the simple way to cut down on expenses. In fact some operators of safari in South Africa also offer group discounts if more than a particular number of people book a trip together.

          Prefer experience over luxury

Any adventurous or nature-centric tour should be about first-hand experiences. It doesn’t make much sense to stay in a luxury lodge and then wait for animals to make an appearance. Rather awaken the explorer in you. Stay in tents, cook your own food, go for self-drive safari etc. All this would not only give you an experience to remember but also help save money.

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