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Traveling in India is one of the most fascinating and overwhelming experiences you can experience in Asia. Thanks to the many highlights, the delicious food, and the special culture, the country are high on the list of many travelers. It is a somewhat 'more difficult' country to travel through, you face more challenges than countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. Women in particular often skip India. With some good preparations, traveling here should not be a big problem. Therefore, view our tips for the female backpackers in India, although a number of tips are also suitable for all backpackers.



Do research about India in advance. The country cannot be compared to any other Asian country and a destination separately. Form a picture for yourself by reading about the country, culture, customs, food, and experiences of other travelers. Be aware that you are going on a (sometimes difficult) adventure instead of a vacation to rest.


India is almost as large as the whole of Europe, so do not underestimate the distances when planning your trip. Over 200 kilometers in India you do a lot longer than the same distance in the Netherlands. Do not visit too many places in a too short time. You will enjoy the country much more if you travel less and get to know a city and its locals well.


The majority of India's inhabitants are fairly conservative compared to the west. Therefore adapt to local customs and behave and dress respectfully. In any case, pack a long skirt, a long dress, shirts with long sleeves, airy long pants and a thin scarf or sarong. Wearing a (fake) wedding ring sends a clear signal to Indian men that you are not interested in more than a friendship.

Spend the night

Man is central to Indian culture. As a female traveler, it can therefore sometimes feel more comfortable to stay in a guesthouse or hotel that is run by a family instead of a man. The same applies to Airbnb or Couch Surfing. Always read reviews from other (female) guests before you book and check reviews on Tripadvisor. Always bring a business card from the hotel or apartment where you stay so that you can find it again.

Live with the light

Do just like the classrooms and live with the light. Get up at sunrise and go to sleep just after sunset. You will be surprised by the activities in the early morning and the special meetings that you will already have for breakfast. Getting up early (in India) almost always guarantees the most beautiful travel photos.


Book your train, bus and online taxi in Udaipur Rajasthan instead of at the local stations. This saves a lot of time and searching. When booking a ticket, always ensure that you reach your next destination during the day. Traveling by night train in the higher classes is very comfortable. If you are traveling alone, it is nice to book the upper bed so that you do not feel viewed at night. When in doubt, always pay a little extra for a higher class that is worth five euros to feel safe.

Expect the unexpected

In the high season, trains and hotels, especially in Rajasthan, are quickly booked, so it is wise to keep an eye on this online. But do not book everything in advance, leave some room for unexpected special experiences. Especially inhospitable and unpredictable India, you can just be invited for a traditional wedding or a camel trek into the desert.

What destination do I reach when I am in India for the first time?

If you are going to India for the first time, then Delhi can be overwhelming. Therefore choose to travel almost immediately to a somewhat 'easier' destination, so that you can slowly get used to Indian culture. Nice places for this are Rishikesh, Manali, Goa, Hampi and almost the entire province of Rajasthan.


You can be sure that your stomach needs some time to get used to Indian cuisine. Therefore pack all the medication that you can use for food poisoning. In addition, motion sickness pills certainly come in handy!

Local sim card

Buy a local SIM card upon arrival. It is a safe idea to be continuously available and to be able to call in an emergency.

Do not be too busy and remember; a smile is universal and with a patient, confident attitude you will go a long way in India! Namaste!


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