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Singapore is a tiny island and may be smaller than many major cities around the world, but this country has succeeded to create a high level of discipline among its people and is today being looked up upon across the world. However, don’t let the country’s inclination for law frighten you. Singapore can promise can extraordinary vacation, as long as you follow certain simple tips that will make your tour much more enjoyable.

1. Throw your litter into the bin

Though this is quite a basic etiquette that should be followed not only while you step in any foreign country, but also in your own nation. While in Singapore, this common etiquette if not followed can cost your pockets a lot. Singapore is admired for having one of the cleanest streets in the world and follows strict laws and regulations to maintain the same across the locals and tourists. According to the established rules, littering, spitting and public urination are considered as a serious offence and the offenders are either charged penalties or obliged to serve their community hours by picking up litter in public draped in a bright vest. 

2. Avoid Chewing Gum

A few small changes that have made the country what it is today and one amongst that is the Chewing gum ban. After the 1992 gum incident causing a delay on the subway system led to a huge penalty to anyone caught chewing gum to eventually a gum ban. So, before you land into this island make sure you thoroughly check your bags and get rid of any gums. Even today, you will not find gum sold anywhere across the country and can be consumed only and only if you carry a doctor’s prescription for nicotine or dental gum.

3. Ask For Food Prices Before Ordering

Singapore’s diverse food scene draws tourists from all over the world who to try is delicious delicacies, be it from the local hawkers or a meal at one of the top restaurant’s of Singapore. However, Singapore is a comparatively a little pricey and there have been cases when the guests have been unknowing charged extravagant prices for a bowl of chicken wings or even fries. So, on your next trip to Singapore make sure you check and agree on the prices before placing the order to avoid last-minute surprises.

4. Avoid Vandalism at Any Cost

Vandalism is subject to several and stringent penalties by the government on the tourists in Singapore and must be avoided as much as possible. Singapore aims to create a clean and secured environment for its locals as well as guests and does not entertain any damage created. In 2005, two travellers were convicted to caning for spray-painting on the public train of Singapore. Nevertheless, if you enjoy street art and paintings, there are loads of popular neighbourhoods like the Victoria street, Haji Lane and Somerset Skate Park where you can enjoy famous street arts and even try them out if you’re interested.

5. Smoke Only at Designated Smoking Areas

Traveller t-shirts often call Singapore a ‘fine city’. Well, thanks to sound law and governing systems which have maintained discipline across the city. Recently, Singapore’s smoking laws have intensified after the 2018 ban on smoking at Orchard Road, the nation’s largest shopping area. Smokers are presently only permitted to smoke at assigned areas if not they would be fined. How to identify these smoking zones? They are normally outlined in yellow colour and located in places far from the public eye.

6.Be Sensitive to Singapore’s Multi-Cultural Society

With a number of temples, mosques, churches and holy places of worship, the tiny country homes a diverse culture. There are no rules that can stop you from entering them, but if you wish to pay a visit here be sensitive and careful of your actions. This basically includes adhering to the clothing, lowering your volumes and avoid clicking pictures just for the sake of your social media wall. Do be mindful of your surroundings and surrender yourself completely to its spiritual atmosphere.

7. Avoid Eating In Public Trains and Buses

The country is very well connected and has one of the most advanced transport systems in the world. If you want to avoid the long taxi bills, do go in for public trains and transport. However, if you are commuting by public transport, avoid eating or drinking if you again don’t want to draw a fine of  $500 if caught. If you get claustrophobic, it completely fine to pop a mint or sip some water, just don’t take it too far by siping a bottle of beer while you travel. 

A vacation is a time relax and rejuvenate yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily chores, so while creating your Singapore package or exploring this beautiful island don’t let these rules bother you much. Make sure you make the most of your time and get back home with many memories and a few souvenirs too. Happy vacay!

Khusboo is a Singapore trip consultant at Pickyourtrail and a passionate writer by the day and reader by the night. She’s on a mission to influence readers into taking up solo-travelling as a way of finding oneself and experiencing true joy of travel.

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