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  1. Dissatisfaction in the world is a common thing. There are very few people who can obey you and make you do what you want. If you have to worry about it, no one person or one thing will satisfy you. If a person lives for a lifetime, he will ask for peace of mind, so why not live with himself. The heart is one inch wide and the road wide.

  Second, life is not about obtaining, but about letting go. Whether it is prosperous or desolate, don't be too attached to the scenery you have seen. After all, you have to move forward without living. No matter how bad the pain is, forget it after a sleep. Chasing yesterday and chasing tomorrow will exhaust every present. Forget about walking, you can feel every oncoming happiness.

  3. Some people say that backpacking is just passing by; when you put down your burden, you find your hometown. In fact, everyone understands that there is no absolute stability in life. Since we are all passers-by, we should take a calm and calm heart, walk through the mountains and rivers, and smile at the rising and falling world.

  4. Happiness is for feeling, not for comparison. Life is for business, not for care. Feelings are used to maintain, not to test. Lover is used to love, not hurt. Money is used to pay, not to measure.

  5. People who live foolishly are easy to be happy; people who live lucidly are easily troubled. This is because sober people see too seriously, and when they are more real, they are troubled all over life; while confused people, who care less, although they live a simple and rough life, they find a great taste in life.

  6. Life is a journey full of unknowns. What I care about is the scenery along the way. What I care about is the mood to see the scenery. The journey will not end because of the beautiful scenery. The road that has been traversed becomes the scenery behind. You can't look back and stay. If you stay at this moment, you will miss the better scenery. Keep a peace, keep a sober, enjoy every moment, enjoy the scenery everywhere, this is life.

  7. Life is such a awakening process. The world unfolds towards us layer by layer. The blurred face at this moment will be clear at the next moment; the people who cannot forgive at this moment will be forgiven at the next moment; the facts that cannot be accepted at this moment will be easy at the next moment understanding.

  8. Go out, no matter how warm or cold your face is, don’t go too far in your heart; the outside world respects the background, not the person. It doesn't matter whether a friend is hot or cold, the true friendship is the heart, not the face. Don't be too concerned about the superficial emotions between people; people who are close to you don't need them, people who are close to you don't need them. "Emotions", you don't care, it won't hurt you.

  Nine, people will encounter discomfort in their life, and will meet people who are not pleasing to the eye. If you don't learn to forgive, you will live a painful and tired life. Forgiveness is a manner and a feeling, it is like an umbrella to help you travel in the rainy season. Learn to forgive and be supreme.

  Ten, different moods to see different scenery, but also experience a completely different life. In the same situation, some people seem to be in heaven, and some people feel like hell. Life is like a bunch of roses, without absolute beauty and ugliness flowers and thorns, it depends on what we are concerned about. My heart is full of gratitude and warmth always accompanies me; the thoughts of forgiving others, and the naturalness that accompany me naturally.

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