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I was born and brought up in Jaipur. My college and schooling were from the same city and after graduation I moved to Udaipur where I got my first job as a civil engineer in a company. It was good job and I was earning very decent amount of money. I lived in Udaipur for five years and during that period I visited it whole wherever I could go I went, left no place untouched. 

It is a nice city with water everywhere. I used to visit and hang out at Gangur Ghat lot. I felt a kind of calmness and peace there that I never felt anywhere, especially in nights. It feels to me sometimes that it is a kind of artistic city. The city is structured like this, almost all hotels and restaurants near the lakes. 

Film shooting is normal thing there. Though I like the city very much but there are some problems too. One of the main is about traffic. There is no sense of traffic in the city. Everyone drives like it is their road. And during rain time, its drainage system overflows which flood the roads and every lane. During rain it is difficult to drive two wheeler vehicles. During my job, I also visited Mount Abu, which is near from Udaipur’s side. Only 2 hours 54 minutes of journey it is. Mount Abu is lush with greenery and mountains and I like them. It feels to me that they are calling me. At the end of the day when I see sun setting down I think about life and all, and I think about the city in which I live, that I’m living in one of the cities in India, Udaipur.  

After years I came to Jaipur for stay. It is my home city. Because according to my job contract I cannot take leaves so it was almost around 5 years that I came to Jaipur. I wanted to see those streets where I studied and did college but couldn’t. You know why? Because my parents decided to marry me a girl. They proposed but I was not ready. 

I wanted to explore this world more, and for so early marriage I was not ready. But somehow my parents made me agree on this thing that somewhere in life it always happens, whether you want it or not. And I also thought what was wrong in it means I had a stable job, still has, and no worry of money also. So I said yes to my parents for marriage. It was arranged one because I was only in loved with nature first! Nothing like that. I used to date a girl but she left me because at that time I didn’t have money and stable income. 

 My arrange marriage was all set after seeing the girl. She liked me and I liked her too. Both families were busy and had their businesses. We already knew that we would not be able to do the wedding planning as we wanted. So we took the help of destination wedding planner in Bangalore, Kraftstar Management. It is famous for arranging and planning destination weddings and we also wanted to leave no stone untouched. So we hired the best and it was in budget too. 

Wedding preparations were all going on and we moved from Jaipur to Udaipur for the wedding and wedding planners’ team also came from Bangalore to the destination. I was in my city again! I with my brother distributed the wedding cards. Some sent by emails and some distributed personally. The venue was Taj Lake Palace Udaipur. It is totally like a real palace. When entered into it, felt like a King. I thought that how in old time Kings and Queens used to live in such palaces with their subjects. Resting place was different, sitting place was different; for everything, everything was different. 

My wedding date was in January 22, 2017. The palace was all decked up with lights and glitter. Bride’s family already arrived. My wedding was a joint wedding financially. Both families contributed equally in everything as far as it could be. 

22 January was my final wedding day and I was getting dressed up. My brothers and friends all were in my room dressing me as a groom. Only one thing I feared and it was about the mare on which I was going to sit. If she gone mad in the middle of barat, I didn’t know what could happen to me. 

I married, well settled and have a kid, girl, and doing still my old civil engineering job. My wife is a teacher in an English medium school. I always remember my wedding. It was so best that I could not forget. I thank always that Bangalore wedding planners’ team who did all the work, which we came to know from Shaadidukaan. My name is Rajesh.    



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