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Will you be going on a vacation this summer? If the answer is yes, then you should already start making plans. Even though January is far from June, July, and August, time is flying when you’re having fun, and not to mention that the prices are rising at a rapid pace. Vague plans made in March will be much more difficult to put into action in summer, and if you prepare for your vacation in time, you will benefit from it more than you might realize at first.


Choices, choices everywhere

‘Early bird catches the worm’, goes the old proverb, but if the bird is early enough there will be more than one worm to choose from. The same goes for holiday plans: if you go to an agency in January or February, you will be able to pick the month, the date and the destination without having to worry about not finding the most convenient arrangement for you. The later you go, the more chance there is that other people will already have booked their holidays at that time and you’ll be forced to change your plans. Sign up to get emails from different travelling agencies and patiently wait for good offers.

Find your destination

Is there a country you have always wanted to visit? Perhaps you dreamed about emerald green hills of Ireland, breathtakingly beautiful and ancient Greece, magical India, or divine fjords of Norway. It’s high time you stopped daydreaming and finally went there and saw with your own eyes; the beautiful countries you always wanted to visit. You should know that some countries should be visited during winter months, and other in summer. You will probably want to avoid rainy season, so do a bit of research and find out when’s the best time to visit certain country – it will help you make your plans in advance.


Save money

The sooner you start making plans, the better deals you will be able to make with hotels and agencies. First-minute ones are always the best in winter, because agencies try to make people interested by offering great prices for summer vacations. These prices go up as summer approaches, but you will be able to get the best offers for layby holidays if you start with your preparations early. You might even avoid interests and book your tickets at great rates, or get amazing deals for hotels, along with plane tickets. If you manage to save money by booking everything in advance, it means you will have more to spend on cocktails and delicious food.

Get together with your family

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re travelling with your friends or family members is to get seats which are too far apart. If you book tickets early, you will have a better chance to be seated with them. It can’t be stressed enough how important this is when you’re travelling with your children, and the closer you get to your departure date, the more difficult it will be to get seats which are next to each other.


Fight off winter and this cold weather by focusing on something positive: your summer vacation. You will be happier when you start thinking of all those lovely destinations you’ll be visiting this summer. Preparing in advance is always a good idea, as this way you will be able to save enough money and do thorough research before your trip.


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