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India is progressing in every arena but there are always those areas that lack behind. Of course, talking about airports, there are 30 international airports in the country and many MOR in general. However, amidst so many airports, there are some that don’t have a good reputation in terms of hygiene or maintenance.

Anyone can know about the information like Delhi to Chennai Flights Schedule or so on, but only a few people put efforts to know about the airports they go to. Of course, there are different airports in India and they have their different status and so on. Following are some of the airports that Indians dislike because of their unhygienic aura, lack of system and chaos sometimes. Have a look and you may agree with some of these.

Bagdogra Airport, Bagdogra

Some of the visitors and travellers have really ranked this airport below expectations. They feel that this airport has to be improved on immediate basis. It looks like a person has gone into conventional times.  

Jaiprakash Narayan Airport, Patna

Some of the passengers have an issue with this airport too. They feel that the Patna Airport is relatively tiny and has much long queues for security clearance. Similarly there are very Limited snacks options as compared to other airport outlets. Since the queues are longer at times, there emerges a tense situation. The passengers get panic about this or that. So, it would have been better if there would have been more space in this airport. Come on, it is the opinion of passengers and one should not take it lightly.

Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati

Some travellers shared their views about this airport that are not really impressive.  The venue was not available in the given time and it usually took around one-and-a-half hours to get the needed arrangements done. They also feel that the security of this airport is little disappointing and it can be better. So, of course things can be different for different people but since some people have talked about this concern, it is good to have this thing in mind right?

Coimbatore Airport, Coimbatore

There are some regular passengers who feel that the Coimbatore Airport does not have any facility of clear announcements about the arrival of flights and their departures.  They don’t have them either on display or audio. It is not at all good. The things get really messy in the absence of these arrangements. People get confused and there becomes so much chaos.

Dabolim Airport, Goa

Okay, where this airport has also been considered as one of the busiest and beautiful one; there are complains with this one too. Some passengers feel that the airport is quite small and they don’t have proper facilities in different arenas. They don’t have a baby care area that could be a matter of concern as people do travel with their very young kids.  Some people even count this airport as comparatively small and somewhat conventional.

So, these were some of the airports in India that usually leave the passengers disappointed because of their specific issues.

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