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Canada is an exemplary nation with such paradisiacal sights available. There are beaches and snow-capped peaks of the Mount Robson waiting for a glimpse. So, you can have the most exotic of time in this country. 

So, this visa allows you to see what’s so different about Canada. It’s a nation which is known for its vast area, low population and lush green surroundings. So, you get to see all the beautiful landmarks of Canada like the Whistler and the Niagara Falls with the Canada tourist visa from India. This visa for visiting Canada is available for a 6 months stay in Canada.

Now, the question arises how to get the visa for visiting Canada.

Canada tourist visa from India is available for discovering Canada or for being with your immigrated son/daughter. You can also visit the Canadian clients of your business. this is an excellent way to take your business forward.

Documents required for retired parents for the Canada tourist visa from India

Those who are retired and need this visa for visiting Canada should have a letter of invitation, from the, concerned child who is living in Canada. This way only getting the visa for visiting Canada is possible for them. This letter needs to mention what is the size of the family of your child who has a PR from Canada. Other details in this letter include the Permanent resident travel document number of the concerned child. The retired parent can show his property papers to prove that he has reason to be back in India after the visa for visiting Canada ends.

Documents required for individuals for the Canada tourist visa from India

Once you are going to Canada on the Canada tourist visa from India, you need to have funds. You can’t take social security payments for expenses in Canada. These funds should be as much as 3-4 lakhs and the amount can vary depending on with whom, you are going to be in Canada. Anyone who is going to Canada must give the ITR for the previous 3 years. All the dates of the employment are needed.

Apart from that, the exact duration during which you plan to be in Canada on the Canada tourist visa from India has to be shown.

If you a reason to go to anybody when you are in this country, complete details of the concerned person need to be specified while getting the Canada Tourist Visa From India. The bank statement for the 6 months, is a proof that you won’t be taking funds from the Canadian government while you are in Canada. 

You can also study on the Canada tourist visa from India. This visa, therefore, needs contact details of every educational institution where you will study in Canada.

When you come to Canada on the Canada tourist visa from India, you get to see various landscapes, including mountains such as the world-famous Rocky Mountains and go on extensive hikes. The 48-mile hiking trail is a pleasure for the fitness freaks and an ideal getaway for the tourists.


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