This past May I was able to satisfy a childhood dream of visiting San Marino. After completing a fourth grade report on this place we finally spent a night there. This also comes after traveling in Italy since 1980. The republic is a beautiful place and the absence of graffiti makes in all the more gorgeous.


We stayed at the 4 star Hotel Ristorante Cesare, located in the upper most part of town just inside the ZTL. The property and the staff were first rate. Since it was early May we had the town to ourselves. There have been many articles concerning the touristy nature of the place, but that was not our experience. If we had been there later in the summer that fact might have proven true. 


In my excitement to finally go there I did not do too much research concerning all of its attractions. On the way out of town we saw a sign for a Ferrari Museum in Marenello, which is a district of the republic. This provided an excuse to return. 


So, to make a long tale short, we are going to return in 2015 and we plan to spend a few nights in San Marino probably at the same hotel...and visit the Ferrari Museum. I'm a car guy, but can only dream of owning one, so this will just need to suffice. 

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I almost took a loop to go there when we visited Ravenna...and while there wasn't enough time, you've put it back on my radar...along with the other mini-states. Someday, this and Andorra,  too!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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