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Hi guys, hey travellers, i just saw an article about the Top 10 Destinations of 2014 and i was surprised to see that Romania is number 3 on this top. Isn't this just wonderful? I live in Romania and It cheers me up just to see my country in any top, but this one is awesome. They describe my country like this: "Romania has it all: mountains and castles, sea and cities, medieval towns and wildlife, scenic train rides and Latin heritage, last-century country lifestyle and modern urban life. Yet, it still fails to attract the masses, and the indie traveller will be grateful for it. The Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta will attract the nature lover, while the numerous castles, ruins and fortified towns and saxon churches will please the history buff"


The line :" Yet, it still fails to attract the masses" made me thinking, why we can't get many tourists since we have so much to offer???

I would like to know your opinion about this issue, also because i'm a student at a Tourism College in my country and i really want to find the answer by helping me you guys. Can't wait to read your messages, but until you write me about it i will post some pictures of Romania to enchant your eyes!

Thank you!





Images (6)
  • Piatra-Craiului Mountains- Zarnesti county: this mountain are near my town, so i love them
  • Bear's Cave- Apuseni Mountains
  • The Red Lake- summertime- Bicaz
  • The Huniazilor Castle- Hunedoara
  • Balea Lake- Sibiu County
  • Piatra Craiului Mountains
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Andredeya, welcome to TG!


I've never been to Romania myself, although I am curious...and it is on my "someday" list. My father's mother came to the U.S. from Romania; her family lived in Tirgu Frumos, near Iasi. There are probably many people like me who would be especially interested in being able to visit not just the big cities or resorts, but small places that have family ties.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

I'm not sure why more people aren't coming to Romania, but I think in the next decade you'll see that change.  And alphabet is right.  You might get tired of all these masses.  Twenty years ago no one was in Prague and now millions visit it every year (to the point where the locals are definitely tired of us)


The country certainly is lovely.  I presume it's pretty safe for independent travelers to get around in.


What would be the best season to travel, especially to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery?

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

The best season to visit Romania is the Holiday Winter (for Christmas and New Year holiday). This is the best season in my opinion because we have a lot of traditions especially for Christmas, and you'll be very surprised by the guest's hospitality, especially in the rural places like Maramures, Bucovina, or Transilvania- Brasov, Sibiu county. In Brasov county for exemple is a tradition for Christmas where 2 groups of  young men called "Feciorii" go and sing Christmas Carols all day for every house they see and where they see girls in a house they get them and try to convince them to join them later on the Christmas Ballroom to dance and cheer.

For others who like hiking or trekking the best season is the midst of Spring, because you can see the real nature with all the beautiful mountains, great woods, and caves like Bear's Cave or Bat's Cave.
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Thank you for the video alphabet 

About the lakes with flower: i don't know any lakes with blooming flowers but if you are really a fan of "flower-watching" you can visit the Piatra Craiului National Park which is located in Brasov county. In this National Park you can see flowers like those in the pictures i attached, they are endemic or rare species for this area. 

Also we have a lot of Botanic Gardens like the one in Cluj county or Iasi county, i attached pictures for them too. 


Enjoy the pictures!


Images (7)
  • Floare de Colt (also known for "Edelweiss"
  • Floare de Colt
  • Garofita pietrei craiului- Dianthus callizonus,: The symbol of the Piatra Craiului massif
  • Garofita-Pietrii-Craiului
  • Botanic Garden - Cluj county
  • Botanic Garden- Cluj
  • Lady's Slipper

Thank you for all the information, Andredeya!


I must admit I'm intrigued!  If someone were to travel to Romania for say 14 days, either spring or fall (which would be better?), what might be a reasonable itinerary (someone who loves cities, mountains, nature).  Would appreciate your suggestions.

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

What an interesting and beautiful country!  I'd not ever thought about visiting Romania before, but now I want to go.


I'm still in college and don't have much money (yet!)  I assume there are a lot of budget accommodation options for students like hostels or cheap hotels?  I'm actually interested in your 2 week trip layout for 2015.

If you want to visit Europe, you can also visit Romania and try the Transylvania Citadels itinerary which you can find on the site of  Expert Travel agency 


I'll recommend this one because is kinda cheap and you'll learn new things about Romania and the medieval times. The itinerary consists in 3 days of travel with bus transport, accommodation in 3* guesthouse or hotel and a tour-guide. Also this tour will be made in group of 20-40 people.

Total price : 48 euros/person


What you can visit: Day 1: Alba Iulia-Sibiu- The old town, The Central Square, Brukenthal Museum.



Here you'll be visiting- Fagaras Citadel, Bran Castle, Rasnov Citadel, The City of Brasov

Day 3: Sinaia - Sighisoara

Here you'll be visiting Peles Castle, the City of Sighisoara


I will post some pictures to see the beautiful attractions and for more information you can contact the travel agency above.


PS: you can visit and try this itinerary in the middle of Spring or beginning of Summer


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