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Reasons why you should visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a culturally and environmentally rich country that is considered one of the world’s biggest tourist draw. It has beautiful natural attractions, great people and exciting traditions that will help you learn more about the country, Africa and the world. It has been voted as the best destination around the world by the European Council on Tourism and trade twice because of its unique blend of a natural and human environment.

Ethiopia is home to endless mountain ranges, great rock formations and a number of national parks that host a variety of flora and fauna. Unlike other African contemporaries, Ethiopia has been shut out from tourists for a long time. The country represents an ideal destination for new and travel-hardy tourists.

Here are some reasons why you need to visit Ethiopia.

The scenic landscapes all around the country

Ethiopia has multiple attractions in terms of its landscape, which provides for endless exploration options. It holds about 69% of all the mountains in Africa. Its towering mountain ranges are surrounded by lush green lands and forests. They cover most of Ethiopia, making it a scenic, clean and enjoyable atmosphere.

The country also has beautiful rock formations, as well as a number of valleys that are home to a variety of bird and animal species. It has undergone extensive soil erosion in some parts, which has resulted in the development of new landscapes and formations that are unique to the country.



Traveling back in time

A popular misconception regards the seven-year difference between Ethiopia and most of the world as brought about by Ethiopia’s war against Italy. Ethiopia does not use the popular Gregorian calendar. Instead, the country relies on an ancient Coptic calendar that is roughly seven years behind the Gregorian calendar.

The difference between the two calendars is brought about by the differences in calculations in the date of birth of Jesus Christ for the two factions. You can learn about this bit of religious history from the Ethiopian Coptic church, which is one of the leading denominations in the country.

The tasty Ethiopian cuisine

Regardless of your tastes and preferences, Ethiopian cuisine has a delicacy for you. The country celebrates a diverse and exciting array of foods. The menu features a selection of vegetables prepared in different ways, as well as raw, roasted and cooked meat delicacies.

You may get used to seeing Injera accompanying most meals. The delicious sourdough bread is the country’s staple food and is a major accompaniment for most Ethiopian meals. When dining, use injera to scoop your sauces and stews instead of a spoon for a full Ethiopian meal experience,.

For an added sense of community, meals are commonly served on shared platters to encourage people to dine together. You will be enticed by the Ethiopian cuisine, and drawn in by the unique dining manner.



Urban Ethio-jazz

Ethiopia is not synonymous with jazz music, but may host one of the greatest scenes of the genre in Africa. Addis Ababa has grown into the premier jazz frontier on the continent, featuring endless jazz nights and events.

Ethiopian jazz differs from the traditional jazz style by infusing an Ethiopian element. From the style of dance to the variety of vocals, as well as the instruments used, Ethio-jazz will blow you away.

The movement started in the early 1960s and has developed into the capital city’s sound. Despite facing prohibition and nearly being phased out on a number of times, Ethio-jazz has hung on to develop into a unique Ethiopian sound that all jazz lovers will be sure to enjoy.

You can experience this type of music in most clubs and bars in Addis Ababa on any night of the week. You should wear comfortable dancing shoes.



Ethiopia’s expanding industry and new infrastructure

The country continues to experience a business boom that has resulted in the modernization and expansion of various facilities within the country.

Ethiopia has invested in new five star hotels, high rising international-level facilities, a new light rail system, and an airport expansion. Traveling to Ethiopia has been made easier because you no longer need to make a connection to get into the country.

Once in Ethiopia, you will enjoy attractive new accommodations, comprehensive road networks and alternative means of transport that will make your trip convenient and fun.

Some facilities have been built near the attractions on offer, which makes your stay scenic and enjoyable. At Gheralta Lodge you can experience Gheralta, Axum and Mek’ele mountains. The Gondar Hills resort also offers a mountainside view of the unbeatable Ethiopian sunrise and sunset.

The bargains on offer

The Ethiopian government has only recently started promoting Ethiopia as a prime tourist destination. Unlike other countries in the region, little effort was made into marketing the country’s attractions.

The recent efforts have met strict competition from already established tourist destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania.

To ensure that the country is competitive as a tourist destination, there are many discounts and offers that will help you cut any travel expenses you might incur. If you are looking for an idea destination within your budget, Ethiopia could be the vacation for you.


The Blue Nile falls

Few waterfalls across Africa can rival the Blue Nile falls on the Nile River in North Ethiopia. The Blue Nile is a tributary of the Nile and is as impressive as the river itself. Tour guides offer boating, helicopter and hiking experiences around the Blue Nile Falls that will offer a unique view of a great attraction.

There are a number of facilities available near the falls, making it easy to explore for a longer period.

Final thought

There are a few restrictions placed on the acquisition of an Ethiopia visa. You will need to look into your eligibility before traveling. You can consult relevant authorities to know whether you need a visa before making the trip, which can be processed by the Ethiopian consulate within your country.

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