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It’s been less than a month since I relocated from my former hometown of Pondicherry, where I spent more than a decade, to my ancestral hometown Kolkata.

I have been busy catching up with friends and family after ages, but I know soon enough memories of my beautiful beachside town will come back to haunt me. I believe the best, and in many ways the worst, years of my life were spent there.

So, for whatever it’s worth, I also believe that food not only unites but also heals. Food abides and endures across time and place. Here’s to the culinary extravaganza that is Pondicherry- from gourmet to street food to junk food to festive food to vegan and health food. (A detailed account of the item and restaurant would be too much for this blog post, but is available upon request). Bon apetit! 😍🤩



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  • 752E537D-2D04-4527-9E13-E516E98EDDCF: Breakfast at Auroville Bakery
  • 7A48198D-AA4A-49D9-B90D-BEF3F0F3F543: Snacks at Storyteller’s Bar
  • E1FA85D3-72BF-415D-AE9F-156E0C7F85D2: Gourmet at Hotel Promenade
  • 4CC73158-3841-451B-AABE-A5E8018DF24B: Millets  at Aarogya Bhavan
  • 85CE416A-11E6-4A2C-A4A1-A7D6F2F511AA: South Indian at Surguru
  • 47118020-2612-4D37-A644-4BC0F7AB3C67: Vegan assorted at Auroville
  • F93FB867-2EB3-4345-86C0-EBA1707BF6FC: Traditional and festive foods
  • 6386E2FB-F551-4B48-9868-8DAB789000A1: Smart crepes at Ouicrepe
  • 5D133769-C6DE-452C-8F3B-90F2F06CBC0B: Junk food nearly everywhere
  • 8D1F751F-982E-4602-AEAA-ED1733B13251: Coffee nirvana also everywhere
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