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When the movie Dil Chahta Hai came out in the year 2001, the one thing most of us wanted to do was go on a road trip to Goa with our friends. Why wouldn’t you? The movie showed us how much fun a holiday with your friends can be. You would huddle with your friends and plan the things you can do and the things you would want to do. The only thing that would stop you was the fact, back in the day, you would not have enough money and borrowing from your parents would be a bad idea.

Those days are gone. If you want to go to Goa with your friends and do not have enough money, you can still borrow. This time from a financial institution like Tata Capital.

Institutes like Tata Capital give out personal loans for travel. Basically, a travel loan. Travel loans are a safe bet as it allows you to borrow as much as money you need pay for the vacation now and repay the loan later in easy installments or EMIs.

Now, when you think about a travel loan, we know you are thinking about interest rates and tenure. Before you avail your travel loan, you can check for you the travel personal loan interest rates, to get an idea about the cost of your loan. The same goes for tenure as well.

With a simplified application process, you can easily avail your travel loan in less than 72 hours. Do check for your personal loan eligibility before you apply for your travel loan.

Now let’s talk about Goa. The smallest state of Goa is more than beaches and sundown parties. A kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, seafood and spirituality, there's nowhere in India quite like it. One of the most popular places in India for a grand holiday with friends, Goa beckons to all people across all age groups, to let your hair down and have a grand holiday.

The main attraction is definitely the stunning beaches, but the interiors do have their own charm too. Tiny villages and smiling locals, lush green paddy fields lined with tall coconut palms and an idyllic air, is what you can expect in Goa.

When you plan a trip to Goa with your friends, there are so many things you can do, which you may be averse of doing either on a solo trip or a family vacation. If you are planning a break with your friends to Goa, here are some things that will definitely keep your group occupied:

Beach Hopping

Goa Trip

One of the things that are a must do in your to-do list in Goa is beach hopping. Goa is known to have a beautiful beach at every nook. Some touristy, crowded and some untouched by commercialization, Goa has beaches of all types. You can go beach hopping or just stay put on one of them. The beaches are lined up with numerous shacks serving great seafood and drinks. You can head to one of them, have a great meal, sit back, catch a stunning sunset, and watch the people go by, do nothing but just relax and hang out with your gang of pals.

Take a dip in the sea and walk on the cool sands of the beach or indulge in some adventure water sports. There are so many things to do on the beach that you cannot even count!


Goa trip

Goa is home to many world-class local and global cuisine restaurants. Think of Japanese, French, Bengali, Continental, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Goan, Indian, Chinese and you will find it in Goa. With a lot of new restaurants opening up in Goa, the food scene has heated up. Head to any of these restaurants with your group of friends and enjoy a great meal.

For Goan food try Brittos in Baga and Souza Lobo in Calangute, Italian at Tuscany Gardens in Candolim, Mexican at Habanero Baga, Bengali and French at Mustard Chogm Road and Indian at The Village Kitchen in Calangute.

Adventure activities

Goa Trip

The idyllic beaches of Goa are a haven for exciting water sports and beach activities. Many beaches offer excellent water sports like Jet Ski, water ski, banana boats, motor boats, parasailing and many others. This is a real treat for the adventure lovers. You can also play beach volleyball or indulge in some sea swimming.

Some newer adventure sports like surfing fly boarding, skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling are making inroads into the Goan adventure sports circuit.

For the nature lovers, hiking and trekking in one of the Goa’s wildlife reserves and lush green ghats is a dream come true.

Activities in Goa can be expensive. If you want to enjoy the best activities with your friends, you will have to spend. But spending big bucks for a holiday requires tapping on your savings. If you do not want to disturb your saving for your Goan holiday, then travel loan is your answer.


Along with some excellent adventure activities and soothing sunsets, Goa is also known as the ‘Party Capital of India’. Known for its buzzing nightlife, head to the beaches of Baga, Calangute or Anjuna for some of the best beach parties in the country. Goa also has some excellent nightclubs like SinQ, Love Passion Karma and Club Cabana, which are known for their excellent music. So if the party is on your mind, then you know you are in the right place.

Your travel loan can help you get to some of the best party spots, as some of these places are far off and entry passes cost money. If you gave budgeted visiting these party spots while availing a travel loan, then you have nothing to worry about!


Goa is truly a shopper’s paradise. Do budget your shopping expenses while applying for the travel loan. There are so many places you can shop at, in Goa.

Known for its electric flea and night markets like Anjuna Flea Market, Mackie’s Night Market and Saturday Night Market, Goa has become a hotbed for shopping lovers. These buzzing markets not only have an interesting variety of shops selling clothes, accessories, collectables, fridge magnets, beads, arts, handicrafts and other things but also are a hotbed for local artists to showcase their music, dance, acrobatics or puppet shows. There are numerous food stalls selling everything from seafood to Indian fare to global cuisine. You can easily spend a couple of hours here, shopping, eating or listening to some great music by the talented local artists. Your travel loan will take care of all these things and more.

Finally, you too, can have your Dil Chahta Hai moments, thanks to your travel loan and have the perfect trip with your friends.

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