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This photo has gone viral.  A photographer, Michael Kelley, on a particularly nice and clear day photographed most of the planes taking off at LAX -- one every few minutes -- and later stitched them together into this one remarkable image.


Here is the link to his Reddit photo.

lax photo

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Fascinating...even in detail. At first I thought to myself, this can't be all: I only see one American flight. Then I noticed that only the one with the new striped tail paint leaped out; several in the old livery are just below it. Says something about bold designs!


I still suspect this is not a whole day, as some busy carriers are barely represented, but what show!

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I suspect the overriding concern was design - which plane fit where as well as a variety of airlines.  I'd be fascinated to know if the position shown has any relationship to where the plane was in real life.  Or were they just pasted in where they fit to form the uniform pattern.  I suspect the latter.  Trouble is, now kids won't believe pictures of the Blue Angels, our family's first choice of weekend entertainment when they were nearby.

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