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Road trips. The answer to all your troubles. Well metaphorically at least. A journey that has a destination and ends at the end of the day with you tired out of your mind isn’t really the one that you would remember for the rest of your life. But if one day you decide to just get your car and drive along the coast for a stretch of 200km for no reason, only because you felt like it, then that my friend is the day you will want to remember and put down in your journal for sure.

 It’s a beautiful world that we live in. The seas, the mountains, the valleys, the forests and even the small stream flowing at the side of the road looks as picturesque and dreamy as anything can be. If you have a wanderlust and you want to see less of man made structures and more of the natural phenomena, if you love to drive or ride for that matter, then you should book yourself a plane ticket to New Zealand as soon as you finish reading this.

 A beautiful untainted country. It’s a must to visit this place at least once in your lifetime. You come here, you see the landscapes, the beauty, the waters, the towns, the cities, the valleys, hills, the people and even the roads make you fall in love with them. You come to Queenstown and you start your journey. But its advised, well highly recommended that you rent a motorcycle instead of a car here. It will be worth it we promise. There are quite a number of motorcycle rental in Queenstown from where you can rent a bike and just wander into the wilderness. You can be a lone wolf and go riding and sight seeing alone. Oh by the way, Glenorchy, where ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was shot is just 45 km away from Queenstown. Just saying.

 If you don’t want to go solo or need a little help with your trip and love to socialize, then you should book a motorcycle tours Queenstown only. What do these tours comprise of? Well, the itinerary is pretty much set on these tours. Everyday you ride a 150 or more kilometers, then in the evening you have camp fire and food. You socialize, dance, dine and sing. It feels like a reunion of lost souls. In the middle of nowhere, you set up your camps, sleep and then the next day, you are on your bike again exploring and seeing this mesmerizing country.

 The tours last around 14 days mostly or less if you want one of those. During this time, you go from watching valleys to mountains to hills to landscapes to rivers and even waterfalls. There is always something to see that you didn’t know you would or could. Oh, you could take a helicopter to see the glaciers as well. For real.

 Road trips are soul quenchers. They teach you so much about life and help you find happiness with such ease. You never know how far you have come before you look in the mirror. And you should look in the mirror for your troubles and fears are getting away from you, waving you goodbye. Be proud of this moment when this happens.

 Rent a motorbike or buy one. Take a guide tour or go solo. But do get on the road and ride. It’s a feeling like no other. A feeling of liberation!


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