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I am currently in Malaysia. I will post pics one week from now monday when I come back to Nigeria.

This is my story.

Subsequent to perusing posts about going on this discussion and social occasion of all information which truly encourages you to set up your brain against anything.

I got my malaysian Visa through an agency. 3 Months obviously.

I booked my lodging for 7 days with first night paid with my GTB mastercard.

Got my yellow card.

My BTA/PTA = 1800 $ (As a first time traveller,I end up paying 300$ to nigerian Immigrations at the airplane terminal for certain sorts of records and postpones which is ordinary since they will possibly defer you in the event that you decline.If you are first time travel simply have that at the back of your brain.) So I was left with just 1500$ to malaysia.

Booked by return flight ticket through egyptair for 199,506.00 Naira. 4 hours travel in cairo. Free travel for Nigerian P.

After I came to the heart of the matter of Entry a week ago saturday at KL airport. I filled an immigration structure and you sick be approached to go to one office in same spot to verify and affirm your yellow card.Mind you as shoddy and little a yellow card is. I mined for 1k naira. They extradited a Nigerian as a result of it and the person was crying subsequent to coming this far.So please for anything remember it.

After the woman affirmed my yellow card,I came back to the migration officer at KL airport.She affirmed all documents.My flight,My lodging and one thing I noticed.She did not ask me the amount I have with me on the grounds that those Nigerian immigration composed 1700$ money within reach on my flight ticket.So I think that is the thing that she taken a gander at and took a gander at my face then she said welcome to Malaysia.I resembled ! it is safe to say that you are serious,Is that all? I posed the inquiry twice and she gestured her head.I was like.Man am so fortunate.

Paid for my lodging multi week 500$ and 1000$ changed over is 3070 RM ringgit. With this you can shop and shop.Food is a bonus. Ate best meals at Dubai. Would have returned to naija this weekend. Still having a ton of fun here and please the indians here are desperate.Two have approached me for some money however I declined and I stroll with a security now. As side that Malaysia is it. Where I am composing this from is near the KLCC TOWER at 10pm malaysian time tuesday.

I am a first time traveler and I am glad to have broken that first time traveler bother with settlements in Nigeria.Next time 300$ will never.I mean never,I state never go that way.

I will post pics one week from now after I come back to Naija.

Teri Makasi which means Thank you. The main language I have adapted up until this point.

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