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Golf is a sport that has been recently gaining popularity across the world. Originating from 15th century Scotland, the modern game of golf started to be played at tournaments from mid 19th century. Today, the four biggest tournaments are: The British Open, The Masters, the US Open, and the PGA Championship, the last three of which are players in the United States. However, more and more people are not attracted to golf because of the lure of a professional career, although the victory money is a factor. The essence of the game is what draws people to golf. Playing against yourself in a natural surrounding, walking up and down the green, breathing in fresh air, and swinging your club are all reasons why golfers choose this sport in particular. This having said, more and more golfers are out on a search for the ultimate thrill: to play in the most amazing and exotic golf courses in the world. There is hardly a country that does not boast itself with golfing infrastructure and picturesque landscapes. However, the list of the most amazing golf courses around the world would not be complete without the following courses, spanning from New Zealand to as far away as Canada.

Cage Kidnappers in New Zealand

This New Zealand course is situated in a valley the location of which is quite unique. Imagine a golf course at the top of cliffs of Dover and you’ll get a pretty good idea how the surroundings of this course look like. Near the ocean, the green is edged by steep hills that you cannot go down to retrieve any over-swung balls. Humor set aside, playing high above the waves is a thrill of a lifetime that has to be experienced.

Hirono Golf Club in Japan

Arguably the best golf course in Japan had been reclaimed from the surrounding forest. It was originally designed to be more flat, but the neighbouring foliage was relentless and it now encompasses pretty much every hole. If you are a fan of woodland golf, then this is the right playing field for you. No wonder the course is nicknamed Japan’s Pine Valley.

Anfi Tauro in Spain

The island of Grand Canaria in Spain boasts its own golfing jewel featuring on the PGA Tour. A desert-like course was designed by Robert Von Hagge and it is set between canyons rich in water. It is hard to determine which hole has a more beautiful setting, so each time you walk from one hole to another you can take a selfie. The most popular place to take a photo is, however, the par-3 6th hole which is situated among sand dunes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Sand Hills in the US

This is one course in our list that wasn’t that much created and designed, but it was rather discovered, having been shaped and carved out by Mother Nature. This central Nebraska area is perfect for golf as it boasts low shrubs, sandy terrain, and naturally occurring holes filled out by sand. In short, it is the dream of every true golfer to play on such an original pitch. Because it was shaped mostly by winds, Sand Hills is dubbed the most natural golf course in all of America.

Trump International in Scotland

North of Aberdeen is home of one Europe’s best known golfing gems. Tradition is interwoven with modern design and upkeep on this sandy course. The dunes can prove to be a challenge, but they are nothing to worry about if you have practised your swing using a putting-trainer back home. In addition, top being a golfing paradise, the area is also a leisure resort, with traditional luxury cottages built for the visiting golfers.

Stoneforest International in China

Like everything in China, this golf course in Kunming is colossal in size. It has three separate 18-hole layouts that are neatly placed among millions old kart red rocks that come in all shapes and size. Because of its altitude of 1.800 meters above sea level, you get the feeling like you are playing on top of a mountain, among the peaks.

Cypress Point in the US

This Californian golf course has been around for a very long time or more precisely, since 1928 when it was first opened. Designed by Alister Mackenzie, it is one of America’s most favourite courses. Its design is the most appealing thing about it since green is intersected white sand holes. The entire links, like many others, is located right at the Pacific shore.

Black Mountain in Thailand

This golf club at Hua Hin boasts a course that has a body of water at every hole. The clubhouse itself is situated at a ridge overlooking black mountains that the whole course got its name from. Every putt has either a downhill or an uphill trajectory, so you are bound to like it playing here. No wonder Black Mountain was voted country’s top course several years in a row.

Royal County Down in Ireland

The Emerald Isle has its own golfing marvel to be proud of. The course is neatly nestled between the Irish Sea and the surrounding Mourne Mountain. It is located in a town popular with tourists, so expect a huge crowd to show up if you play a tournament here. Back in 2016, it made its way onto the Golf Digest’s top 100 list.

Cabot Cliffs in Canada

Another golf course built on the edge of ocean-side cliffs. However, the nature around Cabot Cliffs is less wild and it features sand dunes that were constructed in 2015 when the course officially opened. It is worth playing on just for the sake of the stunning view from the topmost point of Pebble Beach cliffs.

Having listed all these marvellous courses, we are not exaggerating when we say that golf is a sport with a great future. It coincides with the need to escape into nature and spend quality time outside. Plus, the game is competitive and it develops your body coordination. Finally, it offers you the chance to travel extensively and enjoy breathtaking landscapes in all parts of the globe.

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