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From the clear blue waters of the Pacific, to the scorching red sands of the Outback, Australia is a vast, beautiful continent yearning for discovery and exploration. Because of its size, and diverse natural wealth, the Land Down Under is the most spectacular destination you will ever visit. However, if you truly want to experience the wild beauty of this amazing country-continent, the only real way to do it is by camping out. So, pack your tent, roll-up your sleeping bag, and take a look at the most amazing camp spots Australia has to offer.

Camping Among the Stars – The Fortress, Grampians National Park (Victoria)

A mountain range as old as Dreamtime itself, the camping grounds at the Fortress are the first stop on the 4.3 km long Harrop Track. Situated in the Grampians National Park, rocky plateau overlooks the spectacular mountains rising from the sea of eucalyptus forests. Since the weather in Victoria is mild both day and night, all you will need to gaze at the starry sky is a sleeping bag. As an added bonus, the park is rich in Aboriginal history, and the wall paintings at Gulgurn Manja are a must-see.


Whale Watching on Pearly Sands – Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay (New South Wales)

If you are looking for sun, surf and the whitest sand you will ever see in your life, look no further than Jervis Bay, in New South Wales. This stretch of the southern coast, which is a part of Booderee National Park, is renowned for its clean, eco-friendly waters and beautiful beaches. Just three hours south of Sydney, the Park has three camping areas able to accommodate even the most modern user caravans. However, the main attraction both on and off shore is the whale migration during June and July.

‘Glamping’ in the Bush – Bamurru Plains (Northern Territory)

Camping may be the best way to immerse yourself in Australia’s natural splendor, but roughing it up is not everybody’s piece of cake. Luckily, Bamurru Plains offers the best glamping experience on this side of the globe. Luxury tents, private bathrooms and absolute comfort mean that you can explore the nearby Kakadu National Park with style. The park also offers a real Bush safari tours, where you get to see emus, kangaroos, and dingoes in their natural setting. However, once you return from a day’s worth of trekking, a warm bath and a cozy bed become a fitting reward.


A Primordial Camping Extravaganza – Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park (Tasmania)

Away from the mainland, Tasmania reveals its best camping grounds at the World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. The best way to experience the stunning beauty of this primordial wilderness is by going on theOverland Track. The 65-kilometre long hike will take you to all the best sites and camps, but keep in mind that it is not recommended for the physically unfit. Apart from the spectacular views and scenic paths, you will have the chance to visit wombat sanctuaries, enjoy fishing at Dove Lake, or rest up in a cabin you can easily find nearby.

There you have it. From the soaring mountain heights to the seafloor depths, the best camping spots Australia has to offer. All that’s left for you to do is choose your next camp site, pack your gear, and head off into the spectacular wild of the Land Down Under.


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