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The other day we bought tickets on Delta from "da Burgh" -JFK-Paris-Vienna. We have a 1 hour 35 minute layover at CDG to make the connection with Air France to Vienna. After extensive travel in Europe this is the first time to make a connection onto our primary destination. My question is: where do we clear passport/customs? In Paris upon arrival or in Vienna? Or both?


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The time should work, since Delta and Air France are close at CDG.


Your NY flight, whether it's operated by Delta or Air France, will arrive at Terminal 2E, which serves international routes. You'll be guided/herded to the Immigration queue to enter the Schengen area. Depending on your status with your airline, they may give you a voucher for the SkyPriority lane that moves faster.


Once you're through, that's it for passports, because your flight to Vienna is an inter-Schengen (domestic) flight. It will leave from Terminal 2F, which is a 4-5 minute walk across (actually under) the roadways from 2E. It's one of the least complicated transfers at CDG.


I'm assuming the bags are checked through to Vienna; when you get there, you collect them and roll them out the Nothing to Declare door (Nichts zu verzollen) If they aren't checked, it will be a little tighter, since you'll have to retrieve them before heading over the 2F.


A good resource, by the way:

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