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Hello guys, i just found this Youtube video about my country Romania. It's made with a skycam , a type of photography/video made in the air. You'll see beautiful tourist attractions and maybe you'll change your mind about Romanian Tourism.

You can see the video here, please enjoy it. 

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Yes here is the description:
0:00- 0:04- Apuseni Mountains
0:04-0:14- Dragan Valey
0:14-0:24- Danube Delta
0:24- 0:31- Sighisoara City
0:31- Danube River
0:48- Constantin Brancusi's art- "Coloana Infintitului"
1:05- Sibiu county
1:44- Bran Castle- Brasov County
2:06- Huniazilor Castle- Hunedoara
2:22- Peles Castle
2:30- Brasov County- Central Square, and The Black Church
3:14- Sarmizegetusa- The Capital of antique Dacia
3:24- Bucharest- the capital of Romania

I think that's it

Nice video! There is definitely a lot to see in Romania. The thing is the country is not very well promoted. I'm from Bulgaria but I don't know anything about basic sights in Romania, I never saw an advrtisment about your country. Maybe the same things is true for Bulgaria, i don't know how other people see it. I think there is a lot to see in Romania and I would love to go and explore

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