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My name is Dominique. I have always loved to travel, seek adventures at new places, learn about other cultures, and meet people very different from me. I have been fortunate enough to be able to do extensive traveling whilst I was living in Paris, through my international studies at my university. It transformed how I see the world in more ways than I can possibly describe. And I am sure, if any of you have done some extensive traveling time faraway from home, at some other corner of the planet,have felt the very same way too.

Hence, I have decided to create a travel news site [] to highlight, the good, the bad and the ugly from everyday people just like you and me, to share experiences just like how you are doing here in this group. But what I also propose here is taking the sharing on a next level… I am looking forward to connect with some serial travelers, somebody who gazes upon traveling as a process of personal re-discovery, much like the magical process of alchemy (hence is the name Outchemy of the travel site). With my team, we’ve always observed that through the adventures we take out there in the big unknown, we individually all go through a powerful personal transformation. It’s very personal. It’s how we dive in the deepest realms of our souls, just like a magical process. Like alchemy.

If this resonates to you, you just might be the next great core “outchemist” and connect with our team. If you have some good writing / blogging skills, that’s even greater, as down the road, this can turn into a paid opportunity. If you feel that you are able to inspire other people to go out of their comfort zone, and take on some unique traveling encounter, or if you have other ideas on how you can contribute to Outchemy, I would be most happy to hear from any of you.

Feel free to drop me a message at, or PM me on facebook. I really hope that some of you will come up as a future outchemist, to add on some girl power in our “lab” for travelers, and sprout some inspiration and positive energy around this lovely planet.

Check out our FB page & instagram @Outchemy (follow my journey if this message speaks to you).

Looking forward to connect with Travel Lovers / Writers/ Bloggers/ Explorers & Wanderers! (Outchemist).


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