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Digital marketing is the fastest growing career option in the world today. It was reported that over 85% of the world’s population spends over 65% of their time checking out information, knowledge, products and services on various digital touch-points like mobile, laptop, TV, or other digital devices. It is the responsibility of a digital marketing expert to match the client’s products and services to the domain specific audience through these touch-points and generate sales/build loyal customer base easily.

To start your career as a Digital marketing Executive or digital marketing expert and analyst, you need the following qualities to fetch your dream job. Alternatively, companies search for the following qualities to hire a candidate:-

# 1 — Interpersonal skills

The candidate must possess fantastic and excellent written and spoken communication skills to articulate ideas into successful digital campaigns. The candidate must be open to work for flexible hours as per client requirements and should be a team player. He or she must be agile which means the employee must contribute and help other team members to complete their daily job work apart from completing their own work. The candidate must be sincere, humble, and proactive to estimate any upcoming issues and sort them beforehand after consulting with the manager and fellow team members.

# 2- Curious to learn and research

The candidate must be curious to learn from other peers and managers. He or she must be a self-starter to learn things on their own, try new/innovative techniques to generate leads for their clients, and must have a strong business network to share and find new information to help the company improve their strategy.

# 3 — Digitally Sound

As the most important skills, the candidate must know digital marketing of all the channels. If he or she is a fresher, they must have basic knowledge and understand how to execute campaigns for different domains. The experienced candidate must possess skills to apply the right techniques to generate results matching with client’s goals and budget requirements.

# 4 — Team Handling Skills

The employee must be ‘future-ready’ to train, manage, and coach future team members.

# 5 — Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Computer

Knowing how to make reports, presentations, pivot charts, and macros can be an ‘extra’ asset for the company. So, the candidate must be aware of these things also.

Looking for a digital marketing job with flexible hours, 5-days working and good salary/bonus? You will need the above qualities to get into your dream digital marketing company. Happy Job Hunting!

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