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My first question is a day trip to Liverpool from London... what is the quickest way to get there? I am seeing multiple train options and would prefer a non stop route?  We are going the end of September so I wasn't sure how far out to do that for the best rate.  Another thing I am looking at is booking show tickets to Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre. The website was a little confusing and didn't seem to be very secure? My last question is another day trip to Salisbury to see Stonehenge. What is the best way to see that? We really do not want to rent a car and would prefer to take the train. Thanks in advance for any help!

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I can only help with one of the questions...but GarryRF, one of the TG Gurus, lives in Liverpool and can certainly help with that part.


For Stonehenge without a car, there are really two main options. There are a number of tour operators who run coach tours from London to the site; or you can take a train from London to Salisbury and take a bus from the station to the Stonehenge visitor center.


The visitor center is new since I was there; it's about 10 minutes by shuttle from the stones themselves, and has a museum, shop and cafeteria. Click HERE for the website of English Heritage which operates the site and the visitor center. There's a lot of useful information on the site, including planning your time at the site.


This LINK is to the operator of the bus that runs from Salisbury's rail station and bus station to the visitor center; the cost is 24 pounds per adult, and includes both the round-trip bus ride and admission to the Stones and Old Sarum which is nearby. Feels steep, no?


London to Salisbury is on South West Trains; about 1:20 and 37.40 pounds round-trip; MegaBus has almost the same schedule time and is 10 pounds each way.


Buying a coach tour from London seems to run around 100 pounds, but includes pickup from hotels, a guide on site, etc. Cheaper than doing it by rail, more expensive than by Megabus. Here's a LINK for one typical operator.


I've alerted Garry to your question, so I'm sure he'll be posting here soon! He and TravelRob also have some Liverpool blogs posted here.







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Hi Chickpea. The train from London to Liverpool will take 2 and a half hours each way.

You can check out the times and which trains are direct - no changing - at

It's always cheaper to book well in advance !

It's over 400 miles round trip. And it's expensive at peak times. Around £200 return.

So if you get the 09:40 from Euston Station (London) to Lime St. Station Liverpool its only £39 with a change at Crewe. 20 minute change time.

And return at 19:48 Liv - Lon - Direct - £19.

Theatre Tickets:

Anything else ? Please ask


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Thank you for all of the information. I am finally ready to finalize some things since we leave at the end of this month! We have decided not to do Liverpool...seems like we should come back and do that someday. I am thinking the Megabus option may be the way to go to Salisbury and catch the shuttle to Stonehenge from there. That way we can see the cathedral while we are there. Do you know if it is a short walk to the cathedral or will we need to take a taxi from the Megabus stop? Do you think I should make reservations ahead of time for the Megabus or can I do that when I get to London? We are staying on the Thames in London in the Strand area so I guess we will need to take the underground to the Victoria station to catch the bus? I also have a question about seeing the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Westminster Abbey. We will see those on different days so do I need a pass to skip the line for entrance? They are actually not on consecutive days though. I book a lot of tours through Viator since it is easier. I am also going to Bicester Village one day and wondered if there was a transportation option that was flexible. I noticed on that website it is a set time that buses depart from London and spend all day there before returning. I would only like to spend several hours there so I need more flexible transportation. I really appreciate your help. You all helped me plan a wonderful trip to Italy several years ago. The advice was so much better than my guidebooks- and I have several of those!!

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