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We'll finally be visiting in northern England next May, having avidly followed all the posts by GarryRF and Travel Rob. And we've been reading guides. We've already picked some museums, including the Liverpool Museum, Maritime Museum, Slavery Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, People's History's already sounding like more than we can actually do...


So, we need help deciding on our key visits, and also on deciding where to stay. We think we'd like to stay in one and visit the other (just to not haul everything around!) and are open to recommendations.


Thanks to all!

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Trains run every hour between the two Cities Paul.

You need to add Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King. We have two.The Anglican one was the worlds largest - but I think St Johns in NY had to beat it. Speke Hall. Chester. Here's a list to peruse at your leisure.

Meanwhile I'll put a reserved in my diary.


Liverpool Cathedral 360' tour:


 Liverpool World Museum





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 I stuck to Garry's recommendations for Liverpool both visits and was not disappointed. And to have GarryRF and Mrs. GarryRF on my second visit show me around Liverpool and the surrounding area was really cool! 

All the museums are wonderful in Liverpool. The Walker Art Gallery is one my favorites in Europe  and the Emigrants to a New World gallery at the Merryside Maritime museum gives an interesting look at those leaving Europe.



Now in Manchester, Chetham's Library and John Rylands Library are two of my favorite library's anywhere.

Here was my blog on Manchester on TG with some photos.


Good luck narrowing things down. I needed to go back  to see more of the surrounding areas! I still do!

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