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Hello guys, long time no see


So because I'm still a student and I need a job to pay for my college taxes, I work full time at a guesthouse in Brasov county. But the main point of this article is about some flyers that we recently received at the guesthouse were I work as a receptionist. This flyer describes an interesting itinerary called "The Land of Dracula—Legendary tours."


Starting from 22 Euros/pers. you can join the fun and discover 3 of the most important places to visit in Romania such as: Peles Castle, Bran Castle and Rasnov Fortress (which I showed you about in my latest articles. So I wanted to show this flyers because they are really interesting and very funny created. I will post some pictures below. Also for more information you can check the site which is also creatively and interesting created. The site is called The Land of Dracula, and you can click it here


So if you're interested in visiting Romania you better check their site and maybe you'll get convinced and pay a visit to my country.


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