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Hi PortMoresby, and welcome!


We are a new website, and it takes a while for the search engines to detect traffic patterns.  Yahoo, it seems, is quicker than Google.  But no worries about that.  This will change with time and traffic.


We came up with the name TravelGumbo independently of the other website.  We see this site as an interesting mix of travel tidbits and photos -- like a good Gumbo should be.  We own the domain and have a trademark pending for the name TravelGumbo.


The other chap can keep using his blog, we don't mind.  But it is not affiliated with this website. 


Hope that answers your question.

We developed the concept for this website over many months, and we are TravelGumbo, not Travel Gumbo.  There is a difference.


The other is a personal diary-type of site that, so far as I can tell, has not been active for over a year.  This website is very different in its scope and content.  We are not in the same business.  Nothing has been copied here except by consent of our contributors.

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