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Ipoh is an ideal beautiful place for memorable enjoyment and tour because it has lots of best places with amazing architecture. You can upload many Instagram-worthy pictures by a tour of this place. Ipoh is popular for its heritage, different affordable museums with the beautiful stunning street art, cave temples, the most exotic adventure activities and enjoyment last but not the least Malaysia’s best food that you can post it on Instagram for lots of likes and comments. Ipoh’s has many beautiful food streets with amazing beautiful cafes. It has many hipster cafes that stunned you. It has many vibrant dishes in restaurants and cafes. There are many local dishes that are popular there, one is "Sar Hor Fun". It is a complete one-dish rice noodle meal with meat, prawn, fish, vegetables and a savory sauce. Here we are giving the best top 5 cafe in Ipoh, name that helps you to select your designation café.

Burps & Giggles

Burps and giggles probably the most famous café which is always in the list of insta worthy cafes on google and also of the Ipoh. If you are looking for a grimy and gritty abstract interior in an artistic way so this is the best café for you. Burps and giggles interior have unfinished surfaces decked, peeling away walls with quirky murals, rich colorful party tassels decoration that feels arty and bohemian. Now when coming to the menu and food it also has much more like this. They have a famous jammy burger with a juicy Angus beef patty, fish and chips, savory crepes, pizza, and a wide array of cakes and drinks.

Plan B

Plan B has more 5 branches in Malaysia. It gives you amazing feeling when you step inside with its exposed red brick walls, large windows that gives you airy feeling, creative use of stone and steel,  black furniture and mustard yellow cushions, high ceilings, all seems to be insta-friendly and cozy. Their best-seller is their Eggs Benedict. It has nutritious dishes like its 'Kale Me Maybe'. They offer high-quality artisan coffee. Their menu includes pastries, cakes sandwiches, and pasta also.

Thumb’s café

It gives you feeling of kampong house with its delicate architecture of wooden panel and a finish of zinc roof. It has no fancy decoration as other cafés like crafted communal tables from refurbished wood,  orb-shaped paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling brick surfaces, floral curtains, vintage wares that all give you feeling of home. These all are simple decorations because owner like to choose it with the aim of serving halal and rustic food to customers. Its halal menu features both western and local Malaysian fare like fried chicken cutlets, meatballs, and lamb chops, while the latter comprises food like nasi Putih with mee udang. And butter chicken.

Patisserie BoutiQue

Patisserie BoutiQue has a minimalist interior decoration of a welcoming environment by white washed exposed brick walls. Its menu includes homemade tiramisu, Salads, sandwiches,  soups, pasta and different delicious desserts with the Crepe Cakes and Crème Brûlée are highly recommended.

The Espresso Lab

The name itself is all about the perfect coffee.  this café in Ipoh specializes in serving some of the city’s best expect full-flavored, freshly brewed coffee. They have brewed coffee of fine coffee beans. The menu has Lattes, Americanos, Cakes, aromatic brews, and mouth-watering pastries.

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