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An incredible country offering magical travel experiences to travelers from all over the world, India is unique. It is the same for its customs and traditions. India's rich cultural heritage is famous around the world and has fascinated many poets, writers and other personalities. The writer-traveler Mark Twain told us: "  India is the cradle of humanity, the birthplace of the word, the mother of history, the grandmother of legends and the great-great -mother traditions. The country has a thousand and one facets to make you discover. Familiarize yourself with its wonderful customs and traditions for your next trip to India.

Some customs in the country of spices and colors :

Avoid wearing shoes inside a house, a shop or a sacred place. The feet are members considered impure for the Indians.

In India, you have to learn to be patient. Due to heavy traffic, it is chaotic to move around the big cities. The delay is customary. Here the time is not the time!

Avoid taboo topics like talking about the caste system. On the other hand, religion is a very good topic of conversation. The locals will be open to listen and share their traditions. Indians can also be very talkative when it comes to expressing themselves on their favourite sport such as cricket. The good manners to adopt in the main Indian streets.

The number one rule in the Indian streets is not to provoke. This means wearing an outfit that does not reveal certain parts of the body. Opt for loose, colorful clothes that do not reveal your legs or shoulders. Sari is the ideal traditional dress for women. It gives a glimpse of the belly, which is well seen in the country. Tattoos and cigarettes have a bad connotation. They are perceived as a lack of education. Concealing them will prevent some insistent glances.

India is a country where we do not say thank you but greet people remains indispensable. Salvation is done by bowing and clasping hands, a gesture accompanied by a "Namaste”. In the busy streets of the big cities, you will cross on your way some cows, to whom the priority is sacred!

Indian culture strongly encourages food sharing. By eating on the ground with the fingers of your right hand, you are sure to go unnoticed. Indeed, the left hand used to clean or drink water is impure and the bread replaces the fork. When you are greeted at home you will always be served first and foremost if you are a man. The women in the kitchen, you will taste all the dishes concocted, even the most spicy not to annoy your host .

No matter where you go, the locals welcome you with a cup of Chai in hand. This is the Indian national drink meaning tea. A mixture of tea, milk, sugar and ginger served in Bhan (clay bowl).

A country with strong religious customs

Spirituality, offerings, weddings. So many sacred and religious rituals practiced by the Indians. Westerners are often impressed by the beauty of these rites when, visiting a Hindu temple, you see in the dim light of the shrine of faithful believers depositing flowers, fruits and incense in honor of the god Ganesh.

Just as sacred, marriage. We must forget the white dresses and the solemn speech of a relative. Here, the wedding spans 3 days and the decorations are sumptuous, the more the families belong to the high society. Decorate your hands with henna, exchange prayers, wear turmeric and make your most beautiful entry on the back of a horse. That’s what awaits you if you have the chance to attend an Indian wedding or to meet a bridal procession.

Art has the way of expressing customs and traditions through singing, dancing and sometimes even architecture. In India, the most famous monument is, of course, the Taj Mahal. Must explore the seven wonders of the world through the Palace on Wheels India. Reflect a diverse will combines Islamic elements, Persian and Indian. A breathtaking mausoleum of white marble, this fabulous palace was erected in memory of the wife of a great emperor. Through Indian songs and dances, we witness traditional and ancestral stories, mixing here and there, myth and life.

Love at Bollywood!

We can not talk about Indian culture without mentioning its cinema. The leading film producer in the world, Indian cinema is a symphony of colors and music that recounts the daily lifestyle of Indian families. In these works, religion is frequently represented by the theme of marriage. When visiting Mumbai, do not hesitate  to opt for a tour of Bollywood Studios. Attention, an Indian movie lasts 3 hours with an intermission.

It is important to thank the host for the Indian delights and flavours that your palate has discovered. Book the Palace on Wheels train and plan your trip now!.

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