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Visa application process is always changing in India. This may let you think it’s something complicated. Let’s be assured, it’s not as complicated as you think it is. In this blogpost, let’s discuss the application process for 60-day electronic tourist visa to the country.

 Previously, this was a 30-day visa but recently, its duration has been extended to 60 days. The 60-day Indian eVisa is also applicable for foreign businessmen and patients, who want to avail treatment in India.

 Indian eVisa is NOT “visa on arrival”

The first thing you should keep in mind that an eVisa isn’t a “visa on arrival”. People often confuse the two and as a consequence, face difficulties. Unlike countries like Jordan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many other, you don’t get your visa on arrival to India.

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Get your Indian e-visa sorted before coming to India

A simple normal eVisa takes about a week to get processed. However, there’re times when it works out faster. Even processing an emergency e-visa takes 24 to 48 hours on average. If you’re lucky, your application can be approved the very next day.

The cost

The cost of an Indian e visa is slowly scaling up. Even a few years back it was $80 but now, the price has gone up to $102. In addition to that you've to pay the card fees.

Validity factor

Your e visa is valid right from the date of your arrival. You can ofcourse apply for your visa 120 days before arriving in India. In case, you can't plan your travel so much in advance, apply for it at least 4 business days before your date of journey from home.

Indian e visa and the US citizens

Yes, as a US citizen, you're entitled to get your Indian e visa. Apart from the US, India offers this privilege to citizens from a large number of countries.

Applying for an Indian e visa online

You have log into the Government of India website if you want to do it yourself. Once you're there, follow the instructions, which are quite simple to follow. If you make any mistake, you don't get another chance free. Pay once more and continue your mission.

If you want to avoid hassles, you can avail a private service provider to help you out. There're many such organisations that help you right from scratch in getting your e visa to India. They help you fill out the visa application form, as well as preparing the necessary paperwork. These service providers are reliable and they come in handy to get an urgent Indian tourist visa. They charge a small price for the service. But unlike the government website, if your visa application gets rejected for an error, they don't charge you for the repayment. Rather, they pay to get you going.

Thus, an increasing number of people, travelling to India, are hiring these service providers. Business for these entities is growing at a steady pace.


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