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old-1130731_1280A vacation used to be something that you could indulge in only after you had taken care of your responsibilities at work or at school. Not anymore! The internet is now truly global, and wherever you travel you are likely to find an easily available connection. This means that you can work and study while satisfying your wanderlust. Here are some tips on how to join the ever-growing ranks of the digital nomad movement.

Choose your tech

Whatever line of business or study you are in, a reliable laptop is a must. Unless you’re in a field that requires a lot of processing power, such as video editing, you do not need to have out-of-this-world specs to get your work done on the go. What does make a world of difference, however, is battery life and weight. Travelling light is always desirable, even more so since low-cost companies have started charging exorbitant rates for checked luggage. A lightweight, cabin luggage-friendly laptop is the way to go. A long battery life will ensure continuous productivity even when you are far away from a power source. If you’re likely to spend a lot of time far from an outlet, consider investing in a large capacity power bank that can charge your laptop and/or phone in an emergency situation.

Keep in touch

We carry our smartphones everywhere we go, so why not make the most of them? With a basic internet connection, you can always be in touch with clients and coworkers. There’s a bunch of apps that will keep you in touch while travelling from Skype and Viber to more business-oriented ones such as Slack and Rocket Chat. You can even study for a degree while travelling through online-based institutions. Since I’m a freelance photographer, travelling and working go hand in hand for me. Keeping up with new trends and tech is a must to stay competitive.I’m currently taking a course in advanced photo post-production at Open Colleges and the best part is: I’m still travelling!

You can schedule consultations with mentors, or even listen to lectures via live streaming. A good pair of wireless headphones with an integrated microphone will make all of this communication a whole lot clearer and more enjoyable. Working on collaborative projects from anywhere in the world is made easy via sharing services such as Google Drive.

Be prepared to go off grid

While some form of Wi-Fi can be found in most places, there will simply be times when you will have no choice but to go off grid. Whether you’re in a remote location, or on a long flight without Wi-Fi, the right preparation can allow you to be productive even if you’re offline. Saving resources for offline use such as blog posts, news articles and important emails can be really helpful in such situations.

Apps like Instasnap or built-in Reading List features on most browsers make this a piece of cake. If you’re staying in one place for a longer period of time, you might want to consider investing in a USB dongle that allows you to have internet access on the go. They’re most often connected to mobile service providers, so you can easily top them up when you start running low on mobile data. If all else fails and you are in a pinch, you can always ask a local to tether some precious mobile internet so you can send that important email.

Work/Life balance

Working while on the move can be disorienting, while other times it might not seem like work at all. Unfortunately, this can lead to a disruption in your work/life balance. The whole point of travelling while working is taking the time to explore and escape from the 9 to 5 grind while experiencing new places and cultures. Be extremely mindful of the fact that you don’t have to be available to work 24/7, even though you have the technology. Switch off once you have completed your goals for the work day, just as if you were in a traditional office environment.

Working while travelling is quickly becoming the new working from home. If you have the skills and inclinations for work that doesn’t require you to be in a fixed place, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from travelling and working at the same time. This freedom also extends to studying and continuous learning. Happy travels, and stay productive!


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