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What makes Hong Kong immensely popular? This densely populated city located in southeastern China is hugely famous for its food and fashion. You can also find a lot of fun things to do when you are visiting Hong Kong. The plethora of options available often creates confusion in the minds of the visitors who are on a short vacation to this city. If you want to make use of your Hong Kong trip effectively, the beautiful places that you must visit are given below. 

The wonderful view from the Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak has always been a prominent tourist attraction in Hong Kong. It is the highest mountain situated in the western part of Hong Kong Island and you can have a great view of the Lamma Island, Victoria harbor and the Central. Victoria Peak is commonly known as The Peak and it offers a wonderful view of the amazing Hong Kong skyline better than any other place.   Know some Travelling in Hong Kong Tips and you can experience ease.

The colossal Hong Kong Big Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha can be described as a colossal bronze statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha. It is a symbolic representation of the harmonious coexistence between nature, faith and people. The height of this statue comes around 34 meters and you cannot miss out visiting this amazing centre of Buddhism when you are in Hong Kong. Contact a Hong Kong tour guide and you shall get complete assistance.

Explore by chartering a junk

The conventional Chinese boat known as Hong Kong junk boat has always been a top attraction. These types of boats were used to trade across the world.You can charter a junk to explore the islands spread across Hong Kong and having a picnic basket is a good option to have during your exploration. Reading a Hong Kong experience blog enhances the overall adventure.

Enjoy the unique Chinese street culture in Temple Street Night Market

If you want to enjoy the unique Chinese street culture, you have to visit the famous Temple Street Night market. As the sun sets, this market becomes highly active and you can find a lot of things such as antiques, electronics and tea ware in this popular street. There are opera singers and fortune tellers as well. If you want to taste a wide range of seafood and noodles while watching some good theatre performances, Temple Street Night Market is the place to go.

Enjoy the spectacular Clock Tower

You cannot go back without visiting the iconic landmark of Hong Kong known as Clock Tower. It can be described as the only remnant of the ancient Kowloon station on the Kowloon-Canton Railways system. This iconic tower has a height of 44 meters and you can find a 7 meter high lightening rod on top of the Clock Tower. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong.  

These places are only a few exciting locations in Hong Kong and there are any more to explore. Anyhow, if you are on a short visit to this city, you must make sure that these destinations are included into your Hong Kong tour package and they always help you experience the true spirit of this wonderful city.

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