Acropole ruine Thassos GreciaLimenas Thassos GreciaI'm not so good to express myself in words so I will show you how to have fun and what are the main tourist attractions from Thassos Greece. 

My name is Ovidiu and this is my instagram

They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

Below picture was taken at Paradise Beach (nudism can be done here).

Plaja Paradis Thassos grecia 2017

Acropolis Limenas Thassos Grecia.

Acropolis Limenas Thassos Grecia

Acropolis Limenas Thassos, Archaeological Site, SightseeingThassos Guide - Limenas, Ancient Theatre & Acropolis

Tarsanas beach Thassos Town.


Thasos port Limenas.


I was staying in Macedon Hotel in Limenas.


All pictures are made by me, I use Gopro Hero 4 Black and Samsung Galaxy S7.


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