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Travelling via the air is becoming more often for the explorers to explore the horizons of any part of the earth, then the reason or purpose of the visit does not matter. For the ones who think a lot about money before travelling to other shores, the headache is lowered down to some extent by the wide span of the airline network.

The widespread of airlines have eventually affected the airfares, if not much, but yes to some extent. The lowering down of the air tickets arise other questions too to be considered well like are compromises done to compensate the money factor, what about the safety of the aircraft, what facilities are put on stake to lower down the fares, etc.

But how one even builds up his mind and intentions to go with a particular airline for the stipulated airfare. There is a real need for checking out the safety measures provided by the airlines before planning an air journey with the brand.

How do Reviews help?

One commonly gets the reviews from outside his knowledge. He completely relies on them and builds a persona of his mindset that if the opinion is coming from a trustworthy, then he does turn that trusted review in a belief.

So, more the reviews he receives from his like ones, more he is ensured about the safety of the airline to travel with.

One must go for checking the ratings and feedback given by the passengers, sharing their experience and thoughts on safety and security. As this knowledge would be of great help, Be it any airline, it is a travellers duty to make all the checks done prior to flying to any short or long route destination.


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The safety Measure of the aircraft or the Airlines

We all are familiar with the two reputed profile Boeing 737 aviation mishappenings occurring in less than a period of six months, rests our every kind of purpose in a dark corner to travel. So, it is quite impending that people do turn edgy regarding boarding the plane.

So there are some important guidelines which one must not neglect or ignore before his every travel or flight.

Some Tips which meet the Safety Standards

  1. Do not ignore the age and type of aircraft.
  2. Be sure that the airline is not in the list of Blacklist of EU.
  3. Do not forget to see the score on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
  4. It is good if the airline has a big alliance(s).

1. Airline Rankings

If the traveller is highly concerned with the safety of the plane, and why he should not be, then he must check this site. The bunch of aviation editors has taken the initiative, the data and the information on the site is the work of the experts' safety ratings who reviewed over more than 435 airlines all across the globe.

We also know that there is no such thing called perfect so it would be foolishness to consider only one aspect to make your mind for the airline to be ‘flawless.’ Do not do that. The website gives the overview or lays out the blueprint of the first aiding guide before booking a flight for the travel.

The seven-star safety assessment is done on these key points:

  1. Is the airline certified for IATA and IOSA, which are the International Air Transport Association and International Operational Safety Audit, respectively?
  2. Whether the airline is on the Blacklist of the European Union?
  3. For the previous decade, has the airline provider maintained the ledger of fatality rate?
  4. Does the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) endorse the airline?
  5. If the safety measures of the airline meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) or not?
  6. Has there been a time or times that the airline’s fleet has been gathered by the country’s aviation safety authority for questioning regarding the safety parameters?
  7. Is there any possibility that the airline’s aircraft are manufactured only on Soviet Union’s soil and is architected up to 1990?

Considering all the above factors or key points, Singapore Airlines (SQ) is the proud lone wolf in the industry to win the ‘Airline of the year’ award in the year 2019. The airline stands out of the flock also for its dewy aircraft, flights with  innovations accompanied by the excellence in in-flight. Other honourable mentions are Air New Zealand, Qantas, and Emirates.

2. Look for if the Airline has been through the Safety Audit

Those who don’t know let me tell you that the International Air Transport Association’s Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is the touchstone for airline safety management all over the world. The sole purpose of the safety audit is to audit the airlines whether they meet the general safety needs up to a mark or not. 

On top of this, they also ensure that the safety parameters across the areas which involve flight tacklings/operations, ground handling, managing the security, and intensive care and its preservation are meeting or not.

Every year, for the vital information, IATA does more than 150 checks across the globe. Moreover, an IOSA-manageable airline should extend the status for every two years, is a must. Check the link for the more clearance on IOSA Registry here.

3. Check for the Banned Airline status in EU

If you have gone through the IOSA Registry, then it is worth giving a shot to a European Union’s Air Safety List. The list includes two annexes:

  1. All the airlines which are boycotted or banned to run in Europe, and
  2. The others which restricted to run due to some imposed conditions in Europe.

Both of them are timely regulated and updated with the last update run and sanctioned as per 16 April 2019.

Simply saying if European Union builds up a certain belief or norm or rule according to which the particular country does not qualify the safety measure, then it will simply ban all the carriers of that very country.

To check the list of banned airlines click here.

4. Search for Airline Alliances

The general travellers must be aware of the airline alliances like Star Alliance for the commonplace flyer advantages and provisions. The Airline alliances are way more than the increase in miles points membership accolades if one pays attention. All over the world, we have three alliances, namely -- Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam.

All the above three need timely audits from the Department of IOSA to maintain the prestige; this implies the traveller can be more certain of his safety standards for the member airlines.

The Final Sayings

No matter who you are or what chair you sit on every day in the office. From a business tycoon to an office employee loves his life more than anything in the world. So, he does have a high concern regarding his safety. 

From his first travel via the air, he’ll put his prior knowledge and experience in the next one, but the safety parameters discussed above are those for which (s)he will always look for in advance.

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