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China weather

Visiting China for your next vacation is a great plan without doubt. The country offers excellent opportunities for travelers and tourists from across the globe for exploring the various cities in the country. The rich traditional and cultural heritage of China is well known. The best thing is that the country has immense diversities and there is something or the other for all kinds of travelers and tourists. Residents of USA, intending to visit China must make suitable arrangements for the travel. Along with this, important information on the country should also be collected before planning the trip. Among the other things, the climate of the place should be checked in the first place so that your travel plan is not hampered due to bad weather and climatic conditions.

Getting visa to China from Miami

Residents of Miami, who are intending to visit China can now easily avail China visa in Miami. There is no need to go to any other state for obtaining the visa. There are innumerable agencies now which help in procuring Chinese visa in Miami conveniently and at the most affordable rates. Right from visa application form fill up to arranging the visa within the same day – the agencies offer all kinds of services related to Chinese visa to customers. For expedite and same day visa services, additional charges are needed, which is but quite obvious. The visa agency will help the customers in understanding all the things that are needed for procuring the visa smoothly.

Interesting facts about weather patterns and conditions in China

Now that you have the Chinese visa in hand, it is time that you start packing things for your trip. And for that you must have complete and detailed idea of the climatic conditions of the place. Mentioned below are some highly interesting facts about the weather patterns and conditions of the country:

  • There are large climatic differences in a single country

If you study the climatic conditions of China, you will simply be amazed by its varieties. While visiting China you might plan to visit the different cities in the country located in different zones or areas. The climates might vary from one place to another. Depending on the climatic conditions at that time of the year, you are recommended to pack your clothes.

  • There is distinct monsoon season in southern China

The southern cities in China have monsoon rainfall during the summer months, which range from April to September. The volume of rainfall received varies from one city to another. For instance, Guilin and Hong Kong experience more rainfall when compared to that of Guangzhou. Carrying rain gear is highly recommended if you are visiting southern China from April to September.

  • North China’s winter and summer weather conditions

Cities in North China experience extreme climatic conditions both in winters and summers. During winters, the temperatures fall well below the freezing point as the cold winds blow directly from Siberia. However, during the summer times, the winds blow from the south and bring n steamy hot weather. The conditions are extremely hot and humid. If you are intending to visit Beijing and Harbin during the winter months, be prepared to face maximum temperature of 8F and minimum temperature of -13F. Suitable clothing should be brought if travelers come to these areas during the winter months.

  • The typhoon season in southern China

May to December are the months when southern China is prone to typhoons; conditions are serious between July and September. The islands of Taiwan and Hong Kong are the worst hit along with Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Wind speeds of almost 194km/hr. are recorded during typhoons. The severity of the storm might vary from one area to another.

  • Air pollution is a great issue in Beijing – much more than the weather extremities

The extremities in temperatures are actually not the main issue in Beijing weather. The main problem is the high level of pollution with which the city is affected. The levels of harmful particulates in the air are way higher than standard normal levels – infact the levels are quite high and alarming. Pollution in Beijing can cause health problems in children and elderly people as well as in adults alike. Carrying masks and other preventions is highly recommended.

Once you have an idea of the climatic conditions of a place, you can plan your trip in much better and organized manner.

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