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Hi, Ted...


Me and my family like to do road trips...we're planning one now from Atlanta to Denver...but we've never gone to California that way...too far.


So if we wanted to fly somewhere in California and have a 10-day or so road trip with a few days stop at the end, where should we start and what should we see? 

Originally Posted by Travel Luver:

Hi Ted,


I think we're all pretty new here.  I'm from the Pacific Northwest.  Welcome to the group.


I get out to LA some.  My business takes me to Ventura County (Amgen).  Any good tips for a place to eat out that way?  I saw the link to on a different thread, so I'll check that out, but wonder if there's some place you like to go.

Hi Nature Lover,

Amgen is T.O., just west of the San Fernando Valley and I really never go there.  But about 20 miles west of T.O. is Ventura, and I like to head up to the ocean sometimes for a day here.  Great beach.  Fresh air.  Good marina.  And GREAT fresh seafood.

There's a wonderful small seafood restaurant there called Andria's.  Simple stuff -- just plane tables, plastic forks, paper plates, but GREAT fish.  Fried, grilled, chowder -- everything's wonderful!  So from Amgen it's about a 20 minute drive and beautiful, with strawberry and lemon fields.

Here's the link for Andria's.

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