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Many times when you are in school or in college you do not know how to do a rehearsal and more, if it is the first. Regardless of the subject that you schedule or if it is a free topic, it is essential that you know the structure you must follow to make your writing satisfactorily and thus, get a good grade with a quality work. The question that arises immediately is: How is an essay made? Good, we will give you some guidelines to write an essay in a brief and concise way. However if you’re lack of time to write your essay, you should visit Writepro.

What is an essay? An essay is a writing in which an author develops his ideas on a given topic with personal character and style.

That is, the essay must have your stamp, your style and a basic form that we detail below.


It is usually very short and will be the preamble of the topic you want to deal with. You could say, if you like movies, that would be the trailer of the movie you want to see in which he explains what you can find throughout the film. The main function will be to introduce the reader to the topic you will be dealing with. In addition, you will present the hypothesis. What is the hypothesis? It is the idea that you want to develop, clarify or sustain throughout the writing based on data that will start your research or argument.


It is the body of the essay and it is a large percentage of what the whole writing will be. In it, you must expose all the arguments, data, concepts and references, to support the hypothesis you wrote in the introduction. It is fundamental that in the development you build the solid bases that will take you to dictate a verdict or, in this case, to the conclusion.


It is where you will see the results of the research you did on the hypothesis. That is, you must give your point of view to answer the question you made in the introduction, based on the whole development. It is the resolution of the whole writing.


It is a fundamental part of the essay because it will be the sustenance of where you got all the information that you included in the development. Although it will be cited in their respective footnotes, it is the compendium of all the writings or sources that you used to give more weight to your essay.

Plan a well-written essay

Now that we know the parts that should have this type of writing, it is important that we look at the characteristics of it to know how to make a trial.

You must define a topic to be treated in order to develop the parts of the essay. It is very important that, for the choice of topic, you look at how current the topic is and also to whom the writing is directed to choose an approach.

Many times we try to cover many things about a topic. Well, we recommend that on the chosen topic, you focus on a specific field to develop it. For example: A general issue is environmental pollution but a specific focus is how old vehicles affect pollution in the city.

The essay must have, in its development, a dialogical character. That is, you must prepare the writing, in its development, from counter arguments to discuss certain theses or perspectives. You must show all sides of the coin to be able to make some decision with arguments. You must arrive at the subjectivity, in the conclusion, from the objectivity in the development. To give more seriousness to the study, it is advisable to always use an academic language in the development and also write the essay in the third person singular.

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