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Heading out on a winter vacation with your kid for the first time ever is always exciting. Still, this is going to be different from any other you took before. Going on a winter vacation with a 6-month-old requires a lot of thinking and prep work. For this reason, we have come up with a list that will help you pack for a trip like this. Here are 7 things you simply need to have on any winter vacation you take with your newborn.


Even though this wouldn’t be your first pick when it comes to packing for a winter vacation, having a sunscreen with you in case sun is bright is always a good idea. This is especially the case if you are heading to a mountain town. Of course, you should always go for a sunscreen that has been especially designed for kids. You can find these in most of the local cosmetic stores.


There’s no need to say that keeping your kid warm while on a winter vacation should be your no. 1 priority all the time. One of the things you should never forget to do is pack mittens for your little bundle of joy. Their little fingers are more sensitive than ours and having a pair of tiny mittens is an absolute must. You can find baby mittens in all the baby stores or online.


You never know what kind of weather you can expect on your trip, so bringing an umbrella is always a good idea. Having an umbrella means both you and your baby will stay warm and safe in case of rain or snow. You can always get an umbrella with a colorful design if you want your kid to like it as well. You can find many interesting designs if you look up umbrellas online.


Babies at this age love to play as this is their way to explore the world and learn new things. So, you should definitely bring some of these to keep them entertained. Stuffed animals and similar toys are something you can never go wrong with. Most importantly, toys like this will allow your baby to practice their grip which is developing at that point.


Going on vacation with your 6-month-old is practically impossible without a stroller. Luckily, today you can get lightweight travel stroller that can be set up quite easily. If you don’t already have one of these, you should think about getting it before you hit the road. Alternatively, you can check with the hotel you are staying at if there’s any chance you can rent a stroller once you get there.

Snowsuit and Warm Clothes

Bringing your baby’s snowsuit is also an absolute must when going on a winter vacation. Of course, you should throw one of these over your baby’s clothes every time you go outside. If you think your baby doesn’t have enough warm clothes for a trip like this, make sure you buy it before your vacation. If you are looking for some warm clothes for your son, make sure you check out

Bug Repellent Spray

While on vacation like this, you will want your baby to be absolutely safe all the time. This also means you should bring a bug repellent spray so to keep them safe from bug bites. You never know how many bugs there can be at the place you are visiting and these sprays can sometimes come in quite handy.

Don’t forget to pack any of these things when going on a winter vacation with a 6-month-old. It’s always a good idea to start making a packing list at least a week before you are supposed to hit the road.

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