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Gadgets have become the best friends for the people around the world. A survey states that 85 percent of the population does have a cell phone for themselves. It is not just a cell phone which we are talking about, the tablets, laptops, iPods, and smartphones. In today’s generation, things are getting done by staying at one place with the help of the gizmos.

Business people want to know the ways in which they can get their work done in no time. Now, everything has started to become digital, even marketing products, commodities and almost all. Technology has become a second helping hand to the human race, without it, finishing a task would be a question. The tech gigs have started to developed software’s, tools and applications which will help us to perform tasks seamlessly.

Mobile apps have become the predominant factor in all the sectors and industries. All the traders have started to provide the services to the people through the apps. The apps have helped millions of people with the features each of it sports like connecting with the world, playing music, games, videos and much more. It does not end with that, there are apps which help us to be more productive in our work as well.

Chandler’s are the one who handles all kinds of business and they have to perform different set of tasks in a day. The tech savvy developers have designed apps for them to make their work effortless and right on time. Here are a few apps which the marketing professionals can try and make the best out of it.


Social networking is important for the marketers, as they will be able to reach the masses. Buffer is an app which will help us to place our updates in a lineup with the accounts we have on the social media. We get notifications from the apps and we need to open each one of them to read. This app will help us to see through all the details within a single app. There is no need of switching between the apps; it will help us to get the stats of the updates we have posted.


A simple word may not get the attention of the reader, but an amazing picture will definitely do that for us. There are millions of images available for us to post on the web and the social networking sites. But, as a retailer, we should provide the users something different. Marketing about our business in a form an image will be a great idea. This app does that for us, using it, we can create great images with the minute details and post it on the social media.


It is important for us to stay updated with the things which are happening around the world. All the current trending situations around the globe are available on this app. The most read, searched and referred news, information, articles, blogs and much more are available for us to read. All the information related to marketing, online business and digital marketing are available for us. With the help of this app we will be able to improvise our business and take it to a different level.


Sometimes all we need is just a bit of inspiration to take the right step towards the right path. Inspirational thoughts and speeches have always made the entrepreneurs to do great business. A marketer may need to provide presentations to the team at work and may need guidance. TED is one such app which will provide us all the inspiring talk by prominent people. Every week around 1,700 videos gets updated for the marketers to get inspired and do big in their respective businesses.

Google Drive    

Now days, everything is getting digitized and almost everything is in digital forms. All the information is shared and distributed in the forms of files and folders. The world is changing the ways of sharing information and has adapted to become Eco friendly. It has helped millions of people to go paperless and help the environment. Business people can create, edit and share all the information regarding the business with this one app. This app is accessible to us even if we are staying offline and it has a great interface as it is easy to use.


When we are in an organization and there are situations where we need to connect to different people. LinkedIn is a huge network for all the professionals; it has all the details we need to know. The big business heads can be followed with an account in LinkedIn. This is the right place for the professionals to build strong acquaintances and build a great network with the professionals, leads and the entrepreneurs as well.


When we come across something to read and find it to be interesting, all we want to do is to continue it. But, there are times when we do not have enough time to read through and enjoy it. Pocket app is a simple app which allows us to make a bookmark of the article or content. We can refer to the bookmarks in a leisure time and start reading. When we are planning to market on a digital platform, it is obvious that we need to keep collecting information, so this app will help us with that.


Digital marketing is going to be the future, we need to generate information and post it. That will make the public to get to know about the product or service we are trying to deliver. In the current scenario, people have started to access information online. Setting up our business with a help of a site would be a good start to a great success of the enterprise. WordPress lets us create blog sites according to our preference and get it posted. We can easily keep updating it from time to time, as we keep improvising our business.


Sticking to one particular field will not help us to grow in our professional career. We need to explore and need to know about the other fields as well. Strong contenders are building around and we need to be sure that we are stronger than them. Marketers need to meet people and contact a few people for trading purposes. Nimble will help them to set up the meetings, contact new people and everything related to building strong relations with the professionals.

Towards the end, the orientation of the marketers is shifting towards the digital world. Technology is presently ruling the world and it has a major impact on us. Promoting the products for sales has now become online, as most of us are spending time online. A survey states that, 85.7 percent of the time is spent on the mobile apps by the population. On the flip side, only 14.3 percent of the population is spending time on the web.

This says that, people are adapting to the technological changes which is happening around them. Everything is available now in online and within the snap of our fingers. The marketers are very well aware of the fact that, people are moving fast and expect things to be even faster. With the help of these apps they will be able to provide a splendid product or service to the public.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the CEO and co-founder of Rutapp Infosystems, a leading Android and iOS app development company in Chennai. He is an expert in the mobile apps field who has written various articles. Rutapp is a software platform developed by his company, allowing business owners to create an app with AirBnb, Uber and other cloning scripts.

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