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Do you have many kids and tots in the family? Do you love traveling? Are you short of creative and fun ideas to engage them on long trips? If yes, you are in the right place. Don’t delay your travel plans for the time when your kids are older. Instead, you can improvise tons of fun activities and games to keep your kids happily entertained on the go. Don’t expect your toddlers to stick to their seats solemnly. They are going to be wiggly and restless. You will not have your Spectrum Internet on the go to engage your child with a tablet. You need to plan beforehand about how to keep your child happy on an automobile, plane, or a train.

There are plenty of low-effort entertainment activities, which can make you feel like miles are just flying by. You don’t want to hear the never-ending chorus of ‘Have we reached?’ every now and then. Stir your creativity to come up with some fun activities to keep your kids busy. Read on to get some help with these activities.

Write & Erase

You will have to pack up some versatile playthings for your travel. One of these things could be a white mini board and a few markers (preferably dry-erase). A tot would love to scribble some gibberish on the board, while a preschooler can practice letters. You can even engage them in playing tic-tac-toe or a self-created Pictionary version. You let them draw a picture and guess what it is and then the other way around. You can stir the artistic side of your kids and they can draw and color too. There are actually plenty of things to do with a whiteboard.

Play ‘Who am I’

You can also play games, which don’t need any kind of gear. All you need is an active mind. You can come up with creative variations of that classic questionnaire. Come up with a kid-friendly version and choose simpler categories. Some instances are animals or fruits. Offer a few clues to them to guess the identity. Take the instance of a banana. Some clues could be ‘I’m squishy, I’m yellow, and monkeys dig me’. All you need is imagination and creativity to make this game full of fun for your kids.

Look Outside

Always make an effort to make your children observe the nature around them. Kids of this contemporary age spend most of their time surrounded by fancy gadgets. Take the advantage of such traveling escapades to make your kids observe the speeding scenery. You can come up with a scavenger hunt. Use index cards to make images of the things, which can be easily spotted around. Some instances are a skyscraper or a semitrailer. Give them those tiny cards and challenge them to find the pictured objects. You can involve the whole family in this activity. Exclude the driver though. This fun activity will let everyone keep an eye outside and enjoy at the same time.

Play Copycat

Children have a natural tendency to copy adults. You can let them do their thing and make it a fun activity. Challenge them to mimic whatever you do and do some fun gestures with your hands. You can mimic animals or their favorite cartoon characters to make this a fun activity.

Throw a Little Party

Party games on the go? Great idea! You can play charades, a sitting-down version. You can use the upper body for the movements. Some instances are chopping a tree down, swimming, and eating spaghetti. Or, you can play the freeze-dance by playing the car stereo for one minute and let everyone boogie and wiggle. Everyone has to freeze with a crazy, silly face whenever the music stops. Whoever holds the silly face for the longest time will win. Your kids are going to love it!

Play with Some Paper

You don’t want every activity to be noisy. Especially if you are on a plane or a train, you don’t want to disturb the fellow passengers. You also need a fun activity that is fun yet quiet. Use the magazines, which you are carrying along for multitasking. You can play plenty of games with those papers. It’s all about your creativity. You can play spy games based on the images available in the magazines. Ask your preschooler kid to look up all the people wearing skirts or jeans. Or, you can tell them to find the number of flowers or animals in the mag. They can also hunt for their favorite color or number of words with the letter ‘A’ in a certain paragraph. The possibilities are endless. Be creative and enjoy the comparatively quieter games.

Since we have scheduled a road trip to Grand Canyon in a couple of months, my greatest worries were my kids and the long traveling hours. I have looked up tons of other fun activities on the go with my subscription to one of the Spectrum bundles. And I have shared the best ones already. To be on the safe side, pack magnetic letters and their favorite stuffed toys too!


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