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The Palm Sunday as known in the other countrys it's a well-known holiday, a Christian moveable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter. The feast commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event mentioned in all four canonical Gospels. This holiday is celebrated in Romania and Moldova as well on 13 th of April and it's known as the Flower's Sunday. Because of this holiday here in Romania the traditions are kept well by making the Romanian people to go to church this Sunday and also to fast and abstain from food, only for religious cause. 


So because of this holiday i wanted to show you some simple but beautiful Romanian churches, some of them you had seen before.


1) The Fortified Church from Biertan- Sibiu County, which is included in the The UNESCO List of World Patrimony.





 2) The Cathedral of Curtea de Argeș (early 16th century)- known for the Manoli architect who placed his wife into the foundations of this monastery.


curtea de arges




3) Voronet Monastery- It is one of the famous painted monasteries from southern Bukovina, in Suceava County. The frescoes at Voroneț feature an intense shade of blue known in Romania as "Voroneț blue."






4) Sapanta Monastery- Peri Monastery from Maramures area.


5) The Black Church- Brasov county, Brasov's most important landmark, the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul. It shelters the largest Oriental carpet collection in Europe. an organ with 400 pipes and the biggest bell in Romania, weighting more than 6000 kg.








What do you think about them? They worth visiting?

Enjoy the pictures and happy weekend (what's left of it.


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What a great piece, and what beautiful photographs!  Thanks for sharing this information with all of us.


Are they worth visiting?  Absolutely!  From these photos, it's hard to judge which is the "best", although the setting of the Fortified Church is hard to beat.  Which do you like best, Andre Pur?


I bet that this is a nice time of year to visit Romania.

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

My favourite ones are: Voronet Monastery for its beautiful blue painting and the Black Church because is near my living place .
About the Easter Holiday yes it is a wonderful time in my country, almost because we cook a lot of great and tasty food specific for this time of the year. I will post another article later these days with our food traditions maybe you would like it

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