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Our company had a sort of "lottery", to raise money for the Phillipines rescue.  Everyone who contributed got a chance to win a week of skiing over Spring Break.  Remarkably I won!  First thing I've ever won in my life!!  Very exciting!


Our company owns a number of timeshares with Worldmark (uses for promo and corporate gifts), and I have a choice of either a week in Whistler or Banff (actually in Canmore, which I guess is nearby).  I can't make this because I'm using my vacation time for a trip to Portugal next spring, but it would be a great gift for my brother and his family, who love to ski and snowboard.  I live in Seattle, they live near Denver.  I'll ask him his preference, but does anyone know which place would be better?  I know he's never been to either before.


Wonder if anyone has any experience with this?  Where would be the place with the "best powder" in spring break?  Any other things to see and do?

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I don't ski either (bad knees), but I've visited both of these destinations.  There are pros and cons to each.


Both is a little over an hour's drive from their closest major airport, Vancouver for Whistler and Calgary for Canmore.  Whistler is close to the coast, but high up.  So they usually have good snow, but depending on the year, it can get soggy by spring and sometimes ice crusted.  Banff area is far more likely to have nice light powder during the spring break season.  Some people swear by Whistler.  Some by the Canadian Rockies.  Guess it's hard to go wrong with either.


Whistler is a large community (totally tourist oriented, only service poeple really living there) with great restaurants and nice shops.  Canmore is more a place locals stay at and hang out in.  But within an hour's drive of Canmore you've four great ski areas  1) Norquay  2) Sunshine 3) Lake Louise . 4)Nakiska in Kananaskis Country.  Even more if you want to drive further into B.C. but no need.


I live in Calgary and I'd say among my friends Lake Louise is the most popular.  I've embedded links for more info on the resort.


It's awfully nice of you to share this prize with your big brother.  Good karma will follow you into Portugal, Travel luver! 

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