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Murudeshwar is a small town in Karnataka, known for its beach destination and pilgrimage center. The beach waves are very less and are always calm. Safe and good to be with young kids as the beach is not so deep. It’s a very big and relaxing destination. The Murudeshwara temple is also located adjacent to the beach. The Shiva statue on it evoke a sense of eminence .You can spend almost half a day in the beach and temple.

murudeshwar beach

The right time to visit Murudeshwar beach is from the October to May. The Weather in these months is best suited to experience the town, temple trip and the beaches. Maha Shivaratari a famous festival which is celebrated grandly in Murudeshwar also falls on either February or March.

The Monsoon Season here is from June to September. The weather will be a bit harsh with heavy rainfall and it’s advisable to avoid during this time.

Some of the interesting things to do at Murudeswar beach include:

Water sports and activities to venture  in Murudeshwar Beach includes boating, Jet skies, Beach buggy, Horse ride, Speed bike ride, private cruise,  Scuba Diving and snorkelling. The local shopping zones help you to find lots of cultural and memorable thing to buy at low cost.

There are many artistic and historical places to see near the Murudeshwar beach. The famous places that are must visit here are:

Murudeshwar temple

This is a temple for lord Shiva with a 237.5 feet tall Raja Gopuram. The temple is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in all three sides. This temple has the world’s second largest statue of Shiva.

Statue Park:

The Statue Park is present inside the Murudeshwar temple itself. The surrounding is filled with lush green lawns, Flowering plants and stone sculptors. It also poses ponds, an artificial waterfall and a cave which portrays the story behind Murudeshwar temple.

Bhukailasa Cave Museum

It is situated in the Statue Park of Murudeshwar temple. It displays the sculptures and stories of different gods of Hindu in a very easily understandable manner.

Netrani Island

Netrani Island is 19 km from the main land of Murudeshwar. It is famous for its nScuba Diving and snorkelling under professional guidance. The island is filled with plants and has a fresh water with many aquatic animals to see.     

Murudeshwar Fort

It is a Fort build at the times of Vijayanagara kings. It is just behind the Murudeshwar Temple. This fort stands as the aincient ruins now and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding.

Idagunji Ganapati Temple

Idagunji Ganapati Temple is a temple for lord Ganapati located at 19 km away from Murudeswar city. The statue of lord Ganapati is sculpted in a standing manner with one of his arm holding a lotus flower and the other hand holding the Modaka sweet. It is said that, more than thousands of people visits this temple every year.

Kethapayya Narayan Temple

This is a famous Hindu temple situated at a distance of 12 km from Murudeshwar. It is a marvelous architecture of Vijayanagara and has stunning sculptures, four-pillared hypostyle hall and depicts of the stories of the lord Rama. This is a must visit historical and cultural spot.

The other famous beaches nearby Murudeshwar are the Bhatkal Beach, Nakhuda Beach and Alvekodi Beach. There are many high rated hotels and restaurants available in and around the Murudeshwar city to hav a comfortable and safe stay at affordable prices. Murudeshwar is a perfect vacation destination to enjoy with your family and friends.


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