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Even though there are so many different courses in the fashion and travel industries, these fields are not easy to break into, as jobs in these industries are getting more and more popular. If you are a fashion addict who loves exploring new places and you don’t mind packing your suitcase often, here are several career paths you might want to pursue.

Fashion Designer

A fashion designer’s main responsibility is to make designs for all kinds of clothing, shoes and accessories. They are required to follow the latest fashion trends, to be creative and most importantly to love clothes and fashion! Although being creative and talented is very important for this kind of work, they also need to have skills to get their ideas down on paper. Designers usually work for designer labels, as part of design teams, or have their own brand. You’re probably wondering how does travel fits in this job description? Well, the fact is that designers do travel a lot, usually to promote their products or to attend fashion conferences that are taking place all around the world.


Models are commonly hired by designers and large brand stores to wear their designs. They pose for photographers, artists, or walk on the runway to help advertise clothes, accessories, makeup, shoes and a variety of products. Specific education is not needed for this line of work, but a specific look and body type certainly is. Styled hair, makeup and good appearances are important in the life of a fashion model. Models are often required to travel to fashion shows and photoshoots.

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing managers are responsible for sourcing goods, seeking respectable vendors and managing the company’s purchasing activities, having one of the key roles in the success of the company they work for. They should be capable to be the reference for the working team, but also transmit confidence to senior positions and investors, claims this innovative master in fashion management in Barcelona. Purchasing managers need to monitor and forecast upcoming demand, so they travel frequently to attend fashion shows and trade fares and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Costume Designer

Costume designers are concentrating on a specific area of fashion design, which is making costumes and outfits for movies, theater and TV shows. But, before they start thinking about new ideas for a certain movie or TV show, they need to get to know the characters they’re making the costumes for. They will accomplish that by studying the script, discussing ideas with the production designer, and researching suitable costume styles. Considering that making movies can take place anywhere in the world, traveling is definitely part of this job description.

Fashion Writer

A fashion writer is a person who writes about fashion and styles. They are required not only to keep up with the latest trends and have a keen eye for details, but also to have writing skills. Fashion writers can work and write for a variety of fashion magazines, newspapers, or increasingly popular internet forums and online blogs. Many fashion writers will be expected to travel to attend fashion shows, and other fashion events, and report directly on them. A degree in journalism or fashion is desirable in this field. To this end, the platform IED Forward provides a fully online learning experience: their online course in fashion marketing and communication teaches students how new technologies are reshaping the fashion world, consumers and sales channels.

Personal Stylist

Personal stylists advise people on how to dress according to their body type and their desires, and working in this position doesn’t require you to have a professional certification or degree. When you think of a personal stylist, the first thing that comes to your mind is a celebrity, but anyone can use their services, not only celebrities. Depending on who they’re working for, stylists will be asked to travel with their clients to different kinds of events. Many personal stylists are self-employed, although some of them may work for big brand stores, as consultants. 

All of these careers listed above give you the opportunity to work in fashion, and travelling comes as a natural perk of the job. If you see yourself in one (or more) of these professions, you should start searching and applying for your dream job right away.


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