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I've avoided flying on the Airbus A380 because the thought of over 600 people on a plane makes it all seem a little too crowded to me.  But a nice piece in the Washington Post shows a photo tour of the Emirates A380.  Worth a look.  Here's a link to that piece.  Makes it all seem really not much different from any other aircraft.


If you've ever flown on the A380, please share with the rest of us how that experience was.

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I'd like to try the A380 someday...but only in economy.


It's not that much wider than many other wide-bodies (3-4-3 seating compared to 2-5-2 or 3-4-3 on others) and it's divided into sections that keep the perspective comfortable.


But it appears that the big trend these days in first-class and business is seats that are practically cocoons, and separate the adjoining passengers with consoles, tables and who-knows-what-else. What happened to sitting companionably with your spouse, maybe even holding hands or falling asleep on your shoulder?

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